Did you see Actor, Jesse Williams' BET Humanitarian Award Acceptance Speech?

Where are "our" leaders? After Martin. After Malcolm. After Nina. After Nelson. After Mya. After Barack. Who's going to stand up? Millennials are constantly critiqued. The Black Lives Matter Movement is scrutinized and questioned. The generation before mine has shunned us, but forgot they are they one's who raised us. As a 30-something Black woman on a mission to make a difference, I feel stuck between the past and the present: My elders reign on thrones until death - they don't retire, fail to create successors, and pass torches with flame already snuffed out. My "senior saints" still engage in Respectability Politics and disregard my generation for things as trivial like the way we

Minority Report | The Words I Didn't Say, Book Review

I believe in soul mates. You know. That ONE person who I was created for and who was created for specifically for me. From birth, God breathed life into that one being who may not be perfect, but is perfect for me. I'm his rib. He's my covering. But where he at tho? In my mind, he's about 6'3". Dark-skin. British accent. Can act. And DJ at the hottest parties.... Yasss Lawd! Ok. Ok. Ok! So I just described Idris Elba. Pray for me. I know one thing... when I meet him, I will not be lost for words. But in reality, we often miss the mark when "the ONE" comes into our lives. Such is life for Janet and Denim, the two love-stricken, heart-broken, game-playing, deeply in love main characters in Ta

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