Minority Report | I am #BankingBlack with

Hopeless. Hopeless is how I felt after learning that a grand jury decided Darren Wilson was not going to be indicted for the execution of Michael Brown in August 2014. I sat on the edge of my bed and cried, wailing, literally travailing for a young man who I had never met, for a mother I did not know, for a community I've never been to, and for my son - thinking that he could be next. Since then, Black Lives Matter birthed an entire movement to give voice to many people like me who are tired of feeling hopeless and demand justice. Ask three people what does JUSTICE look like for Black people and I guarantee, you will receive three different responses. Ask 3 more people and you will have 6 di

Making Money Over the Holidays: Labor Day Edition

Every Labor Day weekend, here in Harrisburg, Pa, we celebrate with Kipona Festival on Front Street lined with vendor after vendor after vendor along the Susquehanna River. The crowd is HUGE every year! These people are your potential customers. “Kipona”, as traditions say, is a Native American term meaning“sparkling waters”. The term was used by regional tribes to describe how the waters rippled over the rocks in the portion of the Susquehanna River where John Harris had his ferry. Photo courtesy of Word on the street is back in 1878, someone thought it was a good idea to observe hard working peoples in these United States of America for their contribution to the national eco

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