Event Planner Alicia Smith, Touched By Innocence

Planning a wedding can be smooth sailing or a hair-pulling, tear-shedding, five-alarm crisis. If you are incapable of planning your perfect day you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl, there are real live super heroes that can help you. They are called EVENT PLANNERS. Though they don't wear capes, many should. When you are overwhelmed with details or thisssss close to snatching the edges off relatives and girlfriends who offer suggestions you didn't ask for - get yourself an Alicia. Alicia who? Alicia Smith, Owner, Lead Planner/Designer of Touched By Innocence. Touched By Innocence specializes in planning, decor & design, candy/dessert bars, and concierge services for Wedd

'Hidden Figures' Skyrockets At Box Office Beating Out 'Star Wars'--Dominates for 2nd

Who is surprised by Hidden Figures’ success, having earned the top spot at the box office two weeks in a row and making $48 million in ticket sales? Well, Hollywood is certainly scrambling after the public has shown up and shown out to see Black History on the big screen. Imagine that. Hidden Figures is based on Margot Lee Shetterly’s book of the same title. As the story goes, three black female mathematicians where diligently working in the background as NASA was anxiously attempting to be the first to place a man on the moon in the 1960’s. Now, their inspired-by-real life film is being viewed in theaters across the nation. Hidden Figures was the must-see movie of the holiday weekend, leavi

Online store sees surge of African pride in the age of Trump

Roberta Holmes, entrepreneur and founder of, was a bit surprised about the surge she saw in website traffic after the election of Donald Trump. Her online store just opened in October. Of course Holmes hoped for good results, but knew she was starting a bit late for the 2016 Holiday season. When her store saw over 500 visitors the weekend after the election, she was stunned . Within days her business was getting inquiries from across the country. "I thought we wouldn't see that kind of traffic so soon. Especially since I had not done any real advertising yet," stated Holmes. I kept hearing, "I've been looking for something like this," in reference to the African-inspired

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