Minority Report | That Church Life Book Review

More often than not, especially when talking to millennials, the phrase I hear after a church's dirty laundry has been aired is, "... see, that's why I don't go to church." This statement and others akin to it, break my heart. I believe people forget, churches and "the church" are made up of hurt people, flawed people, and people who have made mistakes. There is no such thing as a perfect church and if it were one, it becomes imperfect the moment you and I walk in. Preach, Shelle. The Black church is usually the butt of sitcom jokes and/or lust suppressing melodramas with choir members longing to be mega superstars, church mothers wearing big hats, ushers with the welcoming aura of nightclu

Minority Report | Meet DaVonna May, Accessories Stylist, Owner of Bella Donna Prima Donna Accessory

For DaVonna May, fashion has been her passion and now it is a career. I stumbled across the BellaDonna PrimaDonna Instagram page over a year ago and noticed immediately based on the items she had available for purchase, this was an entrepreneur who has a serious eye for accessories. When I reached out to her, we spoke on the phone and she immediately confirmed my suspicions. DaVonna is an artist - this woman has worked with various photographers and creative directors for music videos, commercials, and a few celebrities. And... she can sing!! Whaaaaat! You have to catch her on Facebook live, harmonizing and thangs! DaVonna May is someone I wish I would have met when I was living in Manhattan

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