Secret Sister - Part 2 | Studio Chique Review

If I am planning on going out to town, I always look for the black owned businesses in the city I’m headed to. My search for a nail salon to visit after an informative YouTube conference in Washington D.C. lead me to Studio Chique. Prior to my visit to the nation’s capital, I made an appointment to have a mani and pedi at the full service salon. Let me tell you, this was one of the best salon experiences I have had in a long time.

(STORY TIME) As a teenager, my mom dropped me off at a salon for a bun and some finger waves. After being left under the drier for what felt like hours as my stylist argued on the phone with her boyfriend, left me to pick her kids up from school, returned… ate an Italian sub, THEN she proceeded to finish my hair. Soon after my stylist's return, the salon owner walked in looking like a the 4th member of SVW, caring a white fluffy dog. This heifer decided the middle of my hair appointment was the perfect time to start rehearsing for an upcoming hair show. It was at that moment, I decided cosmetology was the most unprofessional profession. I vowed to never have my hair done again. Boo, that was 6 hours of my life all these years later that I still want back.

But I digress.

The lovely Studio Chique is located in no