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Roshe Anthony, Roshe Cosmetics/B.E.A.T School of Make Up Artistry

You have been living under a rock if you have not heard a MUA (make-up artist) use the term “BEAT FACE”! It is the latest beauty slang term which means to do more than simply apply make-up. If your face is BEAT, you more than likely have transformed your entire face with techniques that range from slightly experimenting to some of the sheer magic you may have seen on an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Many a Youtube vlogger or admirer will tell you that there are many… mannnnny artists (men and women), that are just that, they are ARTISTS. They are masters of the cosmetic craft. Some have used make-up to recreate celebrity looks (stay tuned, in April I plan to transform into my girl singer songstress Fantasia, owwww), cover embarrassing scars, or they do BEAT faces just for the sheer beauty of how make-up can enhance the beauty a woman already possesses.

I had my very first encounter with a make-up artist that not only can BEAT your face with her own cosmetics line, but also has the only certified make up artistry school in the state of Maryland. Roshe' Anthony is a beast with a make-up brush! She is a gifted make up artist and is passionate about cosmetics but also the personal hygiene and over all healthy skin for men and women.

Her own personal line is called Roshe’s Prestige Cosmetics. Prestige Cosmetics consists of foundations, lip, eye, and face primers, eye shadows, pencils, bronzers blushes and everything you need from brow to lip, cheek to chin. The Botanical Skincare Line is what you would use to maintain vibrant and radiant skin. These skincare products are intended to treat dry skin. If you have oily skin, Roshe' has products for that can treat oily skin as well. Like I said, the men are can also keep a BEAT face with Roshe' shaving gel, beard growth, care and oil sets. Here is the link boo, shop till you drop!! Support this black owned business.

Botanical Skincare

The Roshe' Cosmetics products can only help if you first learn to apply them. Professional training is available at Roshe' Anthony’s B.E.A.T School of Make-Up Artistry, which is an acronym for Beauty Expert Artistry Training. Located in Baltimore, Roshe's studio is theeee place to attend if you want a career in make-up artistry or if you are professional who wants to sharpen your skill set. All of the key points are addressed in class: sanitation and disinfection, face shapes, highlighting and contouring, makeup selection, lash application, and more! All supplies are included and financial aid is available. Hear from Roshe' herself in the Youtube video below.

B.E.A.T School will equip you to provide various beauty, skincare, and grooming needs for yourself and your clients. With a stroke of a brush, you will feel as beautiful inside as you will look on the outside once Roshe' is finished teaching you how to BEAT your face!!! What are you waiting for? Register now because seats are limited.

Roshe' Cosmetics/BEAT School of Makeup Artistry 2429 St. Paul Street Suite #1 Baltimore, MD, 21218 443-837-5609

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