Making Money Over the Holidays: Labor Day Edition

Every Labor Day weekend, here in Harrisburg, Pa, we celebrate with Kipona Festival on Front Street lined with vendor after vendor after vendor along the Susquehanna River. The crowd is HUGE every year! These people are your potential customers. “Kipona”, as traditions say, is a Native American term meaning“sparkling waters”. The term was used by regional tribes to describe how the waters rippled over the rocks in the portion of the Susquehanna River where John Harris had his ferry. Photo courtesy of

Word on the street is back in 1878, someone thought it was a good idea to observe hard working peoples in these United States of America for their contribution to the national economy. If you are thinking of going on stay/vacation, there is a good chance you may be missing an opportunity to make a lil’ change this weekend.

Should you plan to monopolize on the Labor Day Holiday, September 2nd to the 5th? Quite frankly, your answer should be Yasssssss. Why? Because here are coins to be made and I have a few ideas to help you have an epic sales experience this weekend that can also be used for the other holiday’s that fall on the calendar!

Class is in session. Take Notes:

1. Celebrate the Transition of Seasons - Sell your summer inventory to make room for fall stock quickly with a FLASH SALE. Redecorate your showroom with fall elements. Unbox new product on Facebook live, share your designs on Pinterest, celebrate a new season with stories on Instagram, Snapchat, or Periscope and invite your followers to see the new displays while featuring your new fall items AND NOTE WHAT IS ON SALE.

2. VIP Access - Use Labor Day as a Pre-Sell or Kick Off of Your Fall

Products.... for EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS ONLY! Nothing drives more customers to your door or online store like feeling left out on the tea and wanting in on the scoop. Make them feel like you have a great big secret to tell but only the important people can know about it. Who doesn't want to feel like they have the 411 in advance?

3. Partner & Collab at a Local Event - Invite neighboring businesses to co-promote and host a sidewalk sale or online clearance. Share the wealth, share contacts, meet their customers, introduce them to yours.... you get it? Got it? Good.

4. Look for events where vendors are needed - Communities everywhere are holding Labor Day events where you can post up and make this money similar to the Kipona Festival pictured above. If you are the owner of an online store, get off line and meet people! If you are new entrepreneur, vending at a community event is a great place to build your non-existent email list, make contacts, grow your network, and create your own buzz. NOTE: Vendor fees can be expensive. Monetize the moment and collab by sharing vending space and the vendor fee with another business.

5. Give A Portion of Sales in Honor of the Holiday - Every business

should have a community outreach component and you should let others know who and what organizations you support. Social responsibility has to be more than “corporate culture” in writing. It should also be an outpouring of active participation in the way of GIVING to address society’s issues. Labor Day is a great holiday to not only kick back but give back.

There you have it! Five ways you can generate exposure, move product, provide a service, and make money as the holiday’s come around.

If you find these tips useful, drop me a line. I also take suggestions to share with other Black entrepreneurs because I want to see YOU win! #BeBlack #ThinkBlack #BuyBlack

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