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How important is self-help? Before you answer consider a few things: how often do your you find yourself in revolving door situations, negative recurring patterns? Do you find yourself dating the same toxic person with a different name? Do you switch employers often only to end up with the same type of tyrannical leadership on your job no matter where you go? Are you unstable in your choices and decisions, avoiding black and white, opting for 50 shades of gray? Do you hope from one church to the next? If so, did you notice that in each heart break, termination, or reluctance to submit to any type of authority, the common denominator, is YOU?


My bad.

Sucker-punches hurt. Self-reflection often hurts too. I should know. I’ve had more than my share and with each knock-down drag out fight with myself, I came out of the ring with a black eye but with my good eye, I could see how I was contributing to my own mess.

This “eye-opening” experience lead me down multiple paths on a journey of self-examination. For many soul-searchers, soul-seekers, self-reflectors – self-help books are tools that can assist in the chipping away of self-destructive behaviors that can keep us from having the best possible life now.

If you are in a place where you need to step out of yourself to check yo’self before your literally wreck yourself, step into the Back 2 Me Kafe’. Written by Kisha L. Townsend, Back 2 Me Kafe’ is an intimate journey to self. This book falls right in alignment with the self-improvement genre of recent literature. You will want to add this to your collection... psst... run to


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If I had to describe Kisha after reading and re-reading Back 2 Me Kafe’, visiting her website, and watching her from afar on social media I would say she is an intimacy renaissance woman. Kisha is a wife, mother, author, speaker, mentor, certified herbalist coach and entrepreneur.

Her commitment to “edu-taining” others about the need for self-love, personal intimacy, and pursing purpose is written on every page of her book. If you have gone through it, Back 2 Me Kafe’ unearths it, challenges you to consider it, and allows you to search for ways to pray and press on. For added encouragement, intertwined in Kisha’s personal stories of triumph and challenges, are scriptures from the Bible and inspirational quotes to lean on when you feel weary.

There are also exercises and activities to put principles into praxis and plenty of empty spaces to make notes of newfound discoveries, celebrations, or plans to prioritize loving yourself first.

Overall, Kisha wants you to be the best you. Her writing style is welcoming. Reading Back 2 Me Kafe’ is like your favorite barista giving you unlimited refills of your favorite latte while sliding you some sista-ly advice with every cup. Each chapter is akin to a warm sip, reminding you that you are fearfully and wonderfully made… cautioning you to forgive… telling you to make time to exercise… encouraging you to learn the difference between lust and love…

Back 2 Me Kafe’ is a body of words that echo in your subconscious giving you permission to have a positive self-image that will be reflected in how you love others, only after you begin to love yourself first.

Kisha L. Towsend, Author

To learn more about Kisha, her other books, and coaching services, please visit her website.

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