Car Enthusiast, Business Coach - TJ Loftin

Exotic cars, classic cars, low riders, muscle cars, custom cars, auto accessories... YOU NAME IT! T J Loftin has applied his expertise to it and created revenue that has allowed him to diversify his entrepreneurial endeavors. Now he wants to teach you to do the same. He shares with Minority Report featuring Black Owned Businesses the in's an out's of the auto industry and gave some insight into his mentorship programs.

MRTV: You are the CEO of Express Gold Plating, Compton Wire Wheels

TJ Loftin

nd Molded Suspension. When were they founded and what services do you provide?

TJL: I am the former founder and CEO, started in 1991 sold in 2009. Current owner of LOF10 Productions where I coach, train, offer consultations, webinars, and travel speaking on business ownership topics.

MRTV: Describe the moment you knew you’d be successful in automotive design and manufacturing?

TJL: When people started calling and flying in from all around the world to purchase or order cars and car parts.

MRTV: What is it like for a Black man in the auto parts industry? Is it intimidating?

TJL: Black men lead the auto industry. It’s very intimidating knowing people are watching and waiting on your next product release so they can copy it and make millions off your idea.

MRTV: Your specialty is Low Riding and Classic Cars. How did you find yourself creating parts for these kinds of cars in particular and what makes them special?

TJL: After restoring them for years it became to expensive to buy replacement parts so I started making them.

Thomas "TJ" Loftin in Pomona 2016 via YouTube

MRTV: You are a manufacturer, distributor and exclusive dealer of dozens of auto parts and accessories, supplying over 100 stores around the world. How did you attract and maintain these contracts and relationships?

TJL: I helped to start a lot of the businesses that sold my products. I coached and helped most to grow. I spent a small fortune on advertising monthly in global magazines. By releasing so many products people kept good relationships with me.

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MRTV: You grew up in Compton, California. Are you still living in Compton and how has living here prepared you for entrepreneurship?

TJL: I currently live in Los Angeles, CA. When I was younger I was raised by friends who were all business owners of some sort. I got to be a part of construction projects to opening of small business chains.