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LeShelle Smith Interviews Ayo Handy-Kendi, Black Love Day Creator

LeShelle Smith interviews Ayo Handy-Kendi, creator of Black Love Day. Click to watch.

Black Love Day is celebrated on February 13th and has been every year since 1993 when it was created by, Ayo Handy Kendi. Handy-Kendi describes Black Love Day as a “holiday (wholyday) of atonement, reconciliation, celebration and a 24-hour demonstration of Black love.” Black Love is to be demonstrated through 5 tenants – LOVE towards the Creator, oneself, our biological family of loved ones as well as the Black Community as we represent the entire Black Race.

Ayo Handy-Kendi is also the founder of the African American Holiday Association. Since 1989, The AAHA’s mission has been to preserve Black culture through traditional and non-traditional holidays, celebrations, and rituals. AAHA uses holidays/annual celebrations for social change, African Diaspora unity, healing, economic self-help, and youth entrepreneurship for crime/violence prevention.

In an exclusive interview with YouTuber and blogger, LeShelle Smith- host of Minority Report featuring Black Owned Businesses, Handy-Kendi discusses why people from the African Diaspora need holidays, celebrations and rituals that promote unity and healing. Since Black Love Day was instituted, Handy-Kendi has been sharing the tenants of this holiday as an alternative to Valentine’s Day, which originated as day when white men would sacrifice and skin goats, exchange their clothing for the goat skins and spend the day striking naked women with skinless sacrificed goats. This holiday rooted in pagan gods and physical abuse spread throughout the globe.

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