Minority Report | Meet DaVonna May, Accessories Stylist, Owner of Bella Donna Prima Donna Accessory

DaVonna May, Accessories Stylist

For DaVonna May, fashion has been her passion and now it is a career. I

stumbled across the BellaDonna PrimaDonna Instagram page over a year ago and noticed immediately based on the items she had available for purchase, this was an entrepreneur who has a serious eye for accessories. When I reached out to her, we spoke on the phone and she immediately confirmed my suspicions. DaVonna is an artist - this woman has worked with various photographers and creative directors for music videos, commercials, and a few celebrities. And... she can sing!! Whaaaaat! You have to catch her on Facebook live, harmonizing and thangs!

DaVonna May is someone I wish I would have met when I was living in Manhattan, attending Parson's School of Design, feeling as if the industry was shallow and not quite fitting into the party crowd disguised as networking. She is rooted. She is grounded. She is a woman of faith. Davonna May is couture plus character! During this interview, DaVonna shared some of her best fashion advice and gave me a sneak peak into what it's like to be a stylist.

MRTV: Tell me a little about yourself and your career so far?

DM, BDPD: I am DaVonna May, Owner & Accessories Stylist of