Have you been to Teavolve Cafe for brunch?

When you need a bougie excuse to enjoy Belgian waffles with fried chicken wings after 11:00 AM or fillet mignon and French toast sprinkled with powered sugar before 3:00 PM, then brunch will suffice.

Brunch may have made it's way from Europe to the states in the 1930's but that doesn't matter to Black folks much. If we keep it all they way funky, Black people like to point fingers and expose acts of culture appropriation but truth be told, we have remixed brunch - BLACK PEOPLE LOVE BRUNCH!

Pair a chilled mimosa with brunch and you have the perfect meal - link up with your sorors before going shopping on a Saturday or catch up with your church crew that slept in after you went to the early Sunday service.

Brunch can be a great first date or an excellent opportunity to close the deal with a potential client. Brunch is awesome! I recently had the most mouth watering brunch one Saturday afternoon after recording an interview for my YouTube channel. My producer Chandra and I sat down and ate magic (yasss, magic) at Teavolve Cafe located at the Baltimore Harbor in Maryland.

Brunch Buddies

Brunch Buddies

Teavolve offers a combination of traditional brunch offerings... stacks of pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, and eggs/omelettes prepared however you are inclined to enjoy them. Available also are grilled paninis on ciabatta bread or a bagel, simmering soups, and salads accompanied by a variety of savory meat, cheese and sauteed or fresh vegetables. Black folks can't get enough of shrimp and grits which you will find on the menu and if you have brunch on Sunday, chicken and waffles are being served!

There is a completely separate loose leaf tea listing served to steep or to be poured on ice. Coffee, espresso, macchiato, amaretto and lattes can be ordered or you may have fresh fruit juice if you prefer.

I'm all about the alcohol tho! Yup, I order an entire pitcher of the Ginger Pear Sangria and I ate the alcohol infused honeydew after emptying the pitcher into my glass!

My meal was everything!! I wish I had pictures of my French toast covered in strawberries... BUT I inhaled mine and didn't take one photo! It was that good, lawd yasssss! Thank God for producers/sister girlfriends who think for you when you are hungry and taking photos of your food to show other people is the last thing on your mind. If you are EXTRA bougie like my girl Chan, you can order the chocolate Nutella for your French toast.

Not only is the food at Teavolve great, the service is also excellent. Upon walking in, you are greeted with smile from strangers that seem familiar. We had one assigned server, but every employee that walked by asked how was our food and were prepared to oblige if we needed any assistance. The atmosphere is inviting - it's warm, charming and quaint. It's cozy and comfortable but large enough to host a small party or get together.


The next time you are in Baltimore and you want to support a Black Owned Business, stop by Teavolve Cafe! You will not be disappointed.


1401 Aliceanna Street, Baltimore, MD 21231

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