Terence Strong, Founder/CEO, Zaa Box

I received a request to sponsor an unboxing video on my YouTube Channel from the creator of the Zaa Box, Terence Strong. Zaa Box is a monthly subscription luxury spa-in-a-box service. I was elated to receive a Zaa Box and begin to spoil myself rotten! each Zaa Box features 5 all-natural full-size products from Black artisans and creators. This is the perfect self-indulgence gift full of pampering products that do not disappoint.

My Zaa Box included a Surata Skincare Cooling Bar of soap, a 100% soy Lemongrass candle in a tin can from Pontie Wax, two Phillip Ashley Chocolates - Namaste, Curry Coconut Cardamom & No.9, French Lavender Vanilla, Lemongrass Air/Fabric Refreshener Spray from Luv Naturale, and Bella Chic's Yoni-Tox. Click the video below for the deets on each product below.

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When a man is passionate about providing products that will enhance a Black woman's well-being and sense of worth, I am here for it and I am certainly going to tell you about it. So, who's the man behind the mood altering subscription service? Meet, Terence Strong. As his name suggests, he has strong convictions about sistah self-care and the Black community...

MRTV: What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

TS, ZAA Box: The need to build institutions within our community. My goal is to build the largest Afro-Centric school system in the world but to accomplish this I need money. So I am inspired by this goal to gain wealth.

MRTV: Tell me how Zaa Box got started?

TS, Zaa Box: [I] noticed the lack of amazing experiences that African-American women receive from businesses and wanted a business that really celebrated black women as well as supported the black community.

MRTV: How does Zaa Box reflect your personal beliefs about the importance of self care?

TS, Zaa Box: I think at my heart, I am a revolutionary and self care under white supremacy is a revolutionary act. We have been conditioned to not value and take care of ourselves while we undergo a lot of stress and hardship, I think this came from slavery, the belief that Black People do not need mental health, wellness and self-care because we are machines or animals. But in reality, we deserve it, because of our how human we are, how loving we are and how great we are. We must take the time to love ourselves first , so we have the strength to love others and do what is necessary in our community for positive change.

May Zaa Box

MRTV: How do you choose the products found in Zaa Boxes and how can businesses interested in being a featured product partner with you?

TS, Zaa Box: We try to find the most amazing all-natural spa and body products from up and coming black artisans. Email me at, if people are talking to each other about your product then you would be a great fit.

MRTV: Describe the ideal Zaa Box client.

TS, Zaa Box: A mature black woman who loves to treat herself.

MRTV: What is your personal mantra?

TS, Zaa Box: Anything is possible with focus, lack of ego and knowledge.

MRTV: What/who are you most proud of?

TS, Zaa Box: My mom for instilling confidence in me as a single mother.

MRTV: Who is your celebrity crush?

TS, Zaa Box: Erykah Badu, because of her natural hair, dark skin, African-features, Afro-centric messages and her celebration of Blackness.


Increase your inner peace and treasure yourself with high-end specially crafted chocolates, oils, butters, scrubs, conditioners, creams, salves, and soaps from Black Owned Businesses. Subscribe to Zaa Box and visit them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. What are your top 5 bath and body products? I want to hear from you. Leave me a comment below.

*This post is a sponsored: I received compensation in exchange for writing this article.

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