Holistic Nutrition Coach Arielle Jernigan on the Power of Journaling & Entrepreneurship

If you read the previous Q&A with Arielle Jernigan (if you haven't, you can now), then you know modeling led to a breakdown and an amazing breakthrough. The hardship of trying desperately to fit into the fashion industry's model mold forced Arielle to love herself as she is and not as someone's idea of who they wanted her to be. Healthy eating habits, physical fitness, and a positive self image turned Arielle into a compassionate nutrition coach and business woman. Read below for her insights on the value of keeping a journal and thriving in business.

MRTV: How has journaling helped your healing process?

AJ: Journaling has allowed me to be grateful for what I have. It has allowed me to focus on the light and focus on the good. Now I see the glass half full in just about every situation. I used to be really sad about not being signed and now I am so happy. I probably wouldn’t be the amazing holistic nutrition coach inspiring my family, friends, and clients if I were signed. Who knows? Everything happens for a reason and journaling reminds me to be really appreciative of it all.

MRTV: You also created African Print Karibu Gratitude journals? What does Karibu mean and how do you project its meaning towards others?

AJ: Karibu means to be