"Black As A Mug", Couple Crowdfunds Iconic Black Hero Line of Mugs

Black As a Mug Harriet Tubman

Drinking a cup of tea or coffee may never be the same again for African Americans if Chicago Entrepreneurs, Walter and Jeanine Logan, achieve their IndieGogo campaign goal to fund their idea for some artistic face molded mugs of Iconic Black Heroes.

Black As a Mug is the dopest (I say dope, a lot) thing I have seen all year. Yeah, we have mugs with catchy statements that wash off after you've forgotten they are not dishwasher friendly, but nothing quite compares to drinking rich Colombian coffee out President Obama's dome! That's sure to piss off someone at the staff meeting that could have been an email and earn a head-nod from your only Black co-worker from down the hall. I am already putting in my bid for an Assta Shakur mug!

Obama Black As A Mug

Dubbed Black As A Mug, these ceramic mugs are sure to be collector's items as they are exact replicas of freedom fighters and civil rights activists. These mugs stand to "represent the culture"! These beautifully crafted mugs not only celebrate black history; they inspire pride, hope courage.

The Logans are seeking to raise $20,000, but so far they have only received 7% of the amount. With just a month to go before the campaign ends, they are seeking all the support they can get. Donations start at $25, which will entitle you to any mug of their choice!

Learn more about how this dynamic couple is using art as activism, practicing cooperative economics and celebrating our Blackness:

MRTV: You and your wife are both artists, tell me a little about your background?

W & J Logan: Yes, my wife and I are artists. I do mainly digital art and she works more with her hands creating quilts, jewelry, and clothing. She's also an herbalist. We're always creating something.

MRTV: Where you two always artivists (artist + actvist)?

W & J Logan: Absolutely! Our artwork is always created to invoke a feeling that travels deeper than the surface. Our individual as well as collective works have always been political. We love our people and strive to make work that contribute onto our collective healing and liberation.

MRTV: How did you two meet?

W & J Logan: We met on the EL [train] here in Chicago forever ago. We also got married on the train and it's on Youtube. Chicago is very central to our story.

Walter and Jeanine Logan

MRTV: Tell the readers how you define an ICONIC BLACK HERO.

W & J Logan: For me an Iconic Black Hero is defined by their action not only their words. An iconic Black Hero is one whose brilliance is still relevant today but their teachings are often overlooked.

MRTV: I love your crowdfunding campaign slogan: “Sip Greatness”. What do you believe the black community can do to preserve our greatness in trying times, social injustice, and hardship?

W & J Logan: The main thing the black community can do to preserve our greatness is support each other and unite around what we strongly believe in with a defined end goal that the majority agree with. Many people feel overwhelmed and don't know what to do in these times. The main thing we can do is to resist in our decisions, to get out the bed every morning. We can speak out as we maneuver through our daily microaggressions. And lastly, hold each other up and accountable to our healing. We have to depend on ourselves for liberation and transformation. We have always had to do that and nothing is different now.

MRTV: We saw the high-top fade; what will the replica Black As A Mug woman look like? Michelle Obama!? A his and hers set would be dope!

W & J Logan: [As stated before], one of our first black as a Mug woman iconic mugs would include Harriet Tubman which is both of our heroes. Our Harriet mug set the bar pretty high in terms of design and replication (she's so beautiful) but for future mugs we'd like to include Michelle Obama, Angela Davis, Shirley Chisom, & Sojourner Truth. A Nina Simone and Miriam Makeba would be just as dope!

MRTV: Of all the Black Icons our people have, who is your personal hero and what did they do that has impacted your life?

Walter: This is so very difficult to answer because so many great people have touched me but if I had to just name one person it would be Bob Marley. His songs lifted my spirits, kept me positive and kept me out of trouble while I was most vulnerable.

Jeanine: My personal hero is Harriet Tubman. Many don't know Sister Harriet was a nurse, a healer, a herbalist, and abolitionist. Her brilliance and skills are what we're trying to preserve today.

MRTV: You are currently crowdfunding for Black As a Mug, but tell us about your other venture, Color Grind.

Colorgrind Monthly Subscription Box

W & J Logan: We would be happy to. Color Grind is a subscription box service that celebrates black businesses from all over the United States. Each box includes 3-4 items from black business that we curate every month. It's an excellent way to discover new black businesses and support them if you like their products. We are located at and we have two options a Color Grind Mini box that is $19.99 and a Color Grind Full box which is $39.99. If we want social and financial freedom we have to invest in ourselves first. We hope you check us out!


If you have read this to the end, and I am sure you did... how can you not support Black As a Mug! Help me help Walter and Jeanine! Go the to the IndieGoGo site and donate today. Your donation will help bring these functional pieces of artwork to a kitchen cabinet near you! Follow Black As A Mug on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

Can you name more ICONIC BLACK HEROES we can add to the Black As A Mug line? What impact has your hero made on your life? I want to hear from you below.

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