MUA, YouTuber Jackie Aina: Cosmetics Slave Catcher

They tried it.

They really tried it.

They tried it with crispy chicken wraps.

They tried it with high end ads.

They tried it with our hair care products (and in this case, we let them).

They KEEP trying to tap into our trillion-dollar spending power and they often use our own to do it.

Words like “inclusion” and “diversity” are problematic for SEVERAL REASONS. I am here to snatch WOKE cards and pray to Jesus (the one with feet like bronze and hair like wool) for my people who are unbothered with the latest slave catcher incident.

Because I felt compelled to share my thoughts on the Jeffree Star/Jackie Aina incident, it is more than necessary to come full circle now that the announcement has been made of the latter’s collab with a white-owned make up brand. Jackie Aina, for sho, is the latest modern-day slave catcher. Gathering up a portion of the black community's trillion-dollar spending power to prop up a white owned cosmetics company like the pied piper, leading our coins further and further away from our block.

Aina broke the news on her 30th birthday via Instagram:

it's my birthday!!! finally the big 3-0 is here and I can't think of a better day to announce the biggest project of my career to date. I've been keeping a little secret for the past few months 🙈 but it's FINALLY time to announce that this year I will be working with one of my favorite brands @toofaced to help expand their Born This Way foundation line and create darker AND deeper shades for all of you 💖 I'm so glad that all of the awareness we've created about INCLUSIVENESS is finally being heard and I get to curate these new shades from the FORMULA all the way to the shade names that will be available to all of you in the near future!!! This is literally one of my dreams! And it couldn't have happened without all of you ❤️ This is what happens when you stand your ground and believe in your message and keep your supporters number one at all costs. I'm so happy that Jerrod and Too Faced trust me with this initiative. best birthday EVAAAA 🙌🏾 time to CELEBRATE

I am going to drop 3 points for your to ponder and I shall bid you adieu.

1. Name calling is reckless….

Calling Jackie anything other than what her momma named her is not necessary and I did it anyway. “Slave catcher” may seem harsh, but we don’t live in rainbow colored, kumbaya times. We need to wake up. Don't cry, "Stay Woke" if you intend to remain asleep. African’s were brought here for economic reasons. Runaway slaves were a nuisance, inconvenient for the economic development of the Nation (not just the south).

Slavery can’t be reinstituted (with exception of the 13th Amendment, of course) and a