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Describe millennial women... carefree, idealistic, trendsetting, empowered and influential. Joi-Louise Greenwood, hailing from Jersey City, New Jersey is the creator/founder of Joi-Louise The Label (JLTL) - the next up and coming millennial women’s fashion line.

Joi-Louise The Label (JLTL) specializes in Distinctly Printed Designs made of comfortable stretch fabrics, catering to women of all sizes. Cool, edgy, yet sophisticated, JLTL houses mini collections that speak to a deeper meaning behind the names they are given.

I asked Joi-Louise to talk to me about her mention in Essence magazine, her contribution to feminism as a millennial and the future of her brand.

MRTV: Being featured in Essence is a huge accomplishment! Congratulations, *CLAP* *CLAP* Thrown confetti! Round of applause! What was the first thing you did when you received the news?

JLTL: Thank you so much! Being featured in Essence Magazine was beyond anything I could have imagined for my barely one-year old brand. The first thing I did was get in my car and try to hunt down the August issue (with Idris Alba on the cover no less!). Seeing my design in the magazine was surreal. The best feeling yet.

MRTV: What is the inspiration behind your designs?

JLTL: The inspiration behind my designs comes from my love of high fashion and luxe prints. I think that every woman should be able to feel fashionable. Designing my collections comes from wanting to create an entire look, not just one piece. They are designed to be worn together; to complement one another.

JLTL designs are easy to incorporate into an existing wardrobe and stand to create a bold statement when paired together for an anti-wallflower ensemble. The mission is to bring a sense of ornate quality to the everyday wardrobe. Our price points range from $14 to $70, encompassing everything: accessories to dresses. Silhouettes include mainly body-conscious pieces that accentuate the female body, such as mini skirts, pencil skirts, fitted crop tops, and leggings.

Joi-Louise The Label

MRTV: Describe the ideal Joi-Louise customer?

JLTL: The ideal Joi-Louise The Label (JLTL) customer is bold, sassy and unapologetic. She enjoys wearing unique pieces and isn’t one to follow each and every trend. She is a trend setter in her own right. The Joi-Louise The Label girl is a millennial looking to define her signature style. She knows she can come to JLTL for something creative and fun.

MRTV: How many collections complete Joi-Louise The Label?

JLTL [includes] a collection of pro-woman (feminist) apparel that we call #TurboFeminist™. Through this collection of easy to wear pieces, we set out to openly empower and celebrate women through fashion. There are currently 10 mini limited edition collections. They will change with each season. My collections are always growing with each and every season, but a few that I can call out are:

  • The Python Collection – symbolizing strength and rebirth.

  • The Pineapple Collection – symbolizing warmth, friendship and hospitality

  • Mad About Stripes- symbolizing taking risks and being bold with your style regardless or “rules’

Joi-Louise The Label

MRTV: You seek to empower and celebrate women through fashion. Who are the women trailblazers you admire most?

JLTL: I am all about empowering young women and really women of all ages. I really admire Kimora Lee Simmons, she really paved the way for out of the box fashion and ladies’ street-wear. Grace Coddington is a visionary and I often think of her mindset when I photograph my pieces for my website. I also am really attracted to Sara Blakely’s work ethic and her mission to pay her successes forward.

Joi-Louise The Label

MRTV: How do you feel Joi-Louise contributes to the feminist movement?

JLTL: I currently mentor three women looking to start their own businesses. Female entrepreneur-ism is awesome! I feel good giving them advice and helping them become the best business women they can be. But I honestly sometimes feel like I am not doing enough, I guess that is the perfectionist in me. I believe feminism starts from being selfless and just wanting to help your sisters out.

Joi-Louise The Label

MRTV: If you could style any celebrity, who would it be and why?

JLTL: I would love to get my designs on Demi Lovato! Demi is so bad-ass! I think she is the perfect woman for my brand. She’s body positive, unapologetic, and so beautiful inside and out.

MRTV: What's next for Joi-Louise The Label?

JLTL: JLTL is still growing and I am excited to see more features for the brand along with fashion media exposure. I want to expand into accessories on a broader scale as well, really become a lifestyle brand.


I have met some dynamic women that you can read about here, and here and here. A growing tribe of ladies unafraid to step out, go after what they want. Joi-Louise is no exception. Make sure you browse her collections and purchase a few items for your wardrobe. You can also find Joi-Louise The Label on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Culture is impacting fashion; fashion is impacting culture... what are your impressions of Joi-Louise The Label? Leave me a comment below.

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