Clean the Healthy Way With Erica Ahmed, Founder Of The Green Laundress

Updated: May 4

Erica Ahmed, The Green Laundress

Meet Erica Ahmed, Founder Of The Green Laundress

“Going Green” and “eating to live” are not new concepts. Every few years, a new book, fad, trend is revealed and re-igniting “clean eating” and “earth-conscious” initiatives. For my generation, it is former Vice President Al Gore, going hard, about climate change and global warming up to the recent release of “What the Health” on Netflix. So, for the last 20, 30, 40 years, people from all walks of life have been encouraging others to consider their eating habits and how it impacts the world we live in.

Who’s has been listening?

Erica Ahmed heard the call. And answered. Professional and personal experience led her to consider not just what she is putting into her body but also the chemicals we use in our homes. Daily we are surrounded by harmful chemicals in our food, in our hygiene products, but what about our cleaning products? You know what I am talking about. The ones with the fumes that choke you to death or the other ones that irritate your skin. Yes. Those. Welp, we don't have to struggle any longer thanks to The Green Laundress.

All Purpose Cleaner, The Green Laundress

As a business owner and mother, Erica struggled to find safe and environmentally responsible products. And when something is broke and needs fixing, in strong Black woman form and fashion… our sista Erica decided to create a line of non-toxic, earth-friendly cleaning products. The Green Laundress offers a Multi-Purpose Spray, Laundry Soap and Tub Scrub.

Here’s the dirt… (see what I did there?)

MRTV: You are from my home town! How did you find your way to the nation’s capital?

EA, TGL: Yes! I was born in Harrisburg [PA] but moved to Maryland when I was 8. Both of my parents were born and raised in Harrisburg.

MRTV: Share your story. How did you transition from health educator to entrepreneur, parent to product producer?

EA, TGL: I will forever be a health educator because my public health roots run deep! I didn't start out to be an entrepreneur. I was just a mom wanting to find cleaning products that wouldn't irritate my baby's body and compromise her health. Entrepreneurship builds your muscle. It can be challenging but