I tried Neilly's Foods Global Cuisine and LOVED it!

Neilly's Foods

I like food. Nah. Scratch that. I don’t just like food. I love food. I love food so much, I have replaced 80% of my human interactions with food.

Food never disappoints:

Don’t get a text back – eat food.

Bank overdraft – eat food.

Co-workers getting on my last Black nerve – eat food.

My son is driving me crazy – eat food.

#45 said something super stupid – roll eyes, eat food.

But that behavior can’t be doing my waistline or my thighs any good so what am I going to do about it? Nothing. I love food and I love myself – at 110 lbs or 350 lbs. I 👏 am 👏 going 👏 to 👏 eat. You can’t shame me into changing my eating habits.


I do have high blood pressure. I can be fly at any size, but there is nothing dope about having a stroke. My health is my wealth so when my obsessive eating habits are doing more than making me shop for bigger clothes, there is a problem. I certainly have a problem: high blood pressure. My high blood pressure causes migraine headaches that have brought tears to my eyes. That is not a good look… especially not after meticulously winging my eyeliner.

I had to take control. I needed to change. But how do I start and where can I find healthy food that is inexpensive and doesn't taste like cardboard? I began scouring the internet and stumbled upon Neilly’s Foods. Upon further review, they also happen to be headquartered a few cities over. Can we say, “winning”? After visiting their website, I also found Neilly’s Foods is carried at my local grocery store. I diddy-bopped my way to make my purchase, supporting yet again, another family-run Black owned business.

*I am spelling it out for you - Neilly's Foods is Black Owned*

I purchased the Zesty Rice and Red Beans Mix as well as the Brown Rice Jambalaya Mix – both are vegan options free of sugar, msg, and preservatives.

Now, let me say this: I am no fan of pre-packaged foods. I love to eat because I love to cook. I can make both red beans and rice and jambalaya from scratch. For those who like to throw down in the kitchen, any type of “ethnic” food sold in a box, can, or container may feel like an insult. As my son would say, “ain’t no love in any food that comes out of a box.” Well, if you feel the same, I would say you probably also have Uncle Ben's, Velveeta Mac & Cheese, Ramen noodles and long list of other pre-packaged foods in your cabinet right now! If you can feed your family those products, why not give Neilly's Foods a try, witcho boujee self??