22 Black-Owned Brands Providing Face Masks and Coverings

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies), especially in areas of significant community-based transmission. - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This recommendation has sent millions on the hunt, in search of face coverings for their entire family. I had some extensive searching to do to create a resource for you to use, making the process easy and simple. Along with face masks, check out my post Coronavirus, Cold, and Flu Supplies from Black-Owned Businesses.

This is not a drill! Looks like we are going to have to take extra safety and health precautions for the months ahead, so don't delay. Most sites are already sold out but at the time of this post, all 22 online retailers have face masks available for purchase right now. Scroll down and pick from any one of the 22 Black-Owned Brand providing face masks and coverings.

2 Wins Apparel $16.00

Amma Jo $29.00

Aya Donna $10.00

Beautiful Curly Me $15.99-$19.99

CAAB Customs $13.00-$23.00

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Candid Art $14.00-$21.00

Chocolate Puddin' Noddle Soup - $15.00

CreativeVibeStudio $19.99

Dove Love Hand Designs $20.00

Gideon's Needle $9.99-$18.99

Gusa by Victoria $10.00

Kai Dilly $17.00

The Kente Club $12.99

The Louis Stewart Collection - $20.00

Love Iguehi $17.50

Next of Kim Beauty $10.00

NSAA Creations $20.00

Nubian Grace $14.00

Rahyma Face Mask 2 pieces with Filter Pocket and Nose wire

$30.00 - $120.00 + Free Shipping

Royal House of Wraps $20.00

Taylor Jay Collection $21.00

WandaRen Style $7.00-$15.00

Woollylocks $5.00

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