30 Black-Owned Seasoning, Spices, Batters, and Rubs

Updated: Jan 9

The demand for social justice and reparations is rooted in a long history of the contributions of Black people in America. Besides America's economic foundation being established on the backs of people stolen and sold from Africa, there is an entire list of offerings, inventions, time, and talents Black people have put forth to making America great (if it ever was).

In all of the ways Black people have helped to shape American culture, introducing colonizers to African and Caribbean dishes often bolstered the reputation of slave masters. Slave owners were given recognition from among their peers for having lavish feasts prepared by enslaved cooks who mastered combining European, African, and Native American cuisines.

Fast forward to today and you will see, our people are still culinary masters, kitchen artisans, and chefs. Many have gone on to create award-winning seasonings to re-create specialty dishes as well as mixes of herbs and spices perfect for any meal. Below are 30 Black-owned seasoning, spices, frying batters, and grilling rubs for you enjoy. Bon appetite!

A.L.L. Seasoning

ATC Spice Blends

Avenue South Seattle

Batter Up

BB's Season All

Bobby Brown Foods

Brass Cuisine

Breukelen Rub

Chic Chef

Chef Curl Ardee