38 Great Gift Ideas, Gift Wrap, & Greeting Cards Made By Black-Owned Businesses

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Tis' the season to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, God's loving gift to the world, and in response, we present presents to those we also love. As a supporter of LOVE, specifically BLACK LOVE, this is the perfect time to pour joy into a loved one’s world, but you’ll also be helping to keep Black businesses thriving.

This is the perfect list to bookmark for later and share with others in need of divine guidance in search of gifts for everyone.


Aspirational and Inspirational Gifts

Matching tote, journal, and stainless steel travel mug from Shades of Color make great encouragement gifts.

African Ancestry Gift Cards are perfect for the family member or friend who is on their journey to self-discovery.

Original paintings from Dunnie the Artist are not only beautiful to admire but also serve to motivate and awaken new possibilities.

The Black Toy Store

I remember strolling through KB Toystore and Toys R Us as a kid, pointing at all of the toys and games I wanted. That feeling of leaving the story with not a dayum thing but waking up on Christmas morning and seeing everything I wanted was EPIC. You can share that same experience with the children in your life by letting them scroll through The Black Toy Store and watch their faces light up as they point out curated books, games, and toys with characters who look like them.


Children as young as Pre-K can entertain themselves for hours with fun and interactive STEAM (that’s Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities and toys with them in mind. Check out these gift ideas from Mekamon, Innovant Tech, and Teni and Tayo by the creator of African Fairy and Superhero, Feyi Fay who you can learn more about when you click here.


With a new inanimate friend, a doll can help a little girl get lost in a world she creates that's all her own. With Beautiful Curly Me confidence-building dolls, rag dolls from Stepstiches, and custom crochet dolls from Tammy B Creations these toys will become your baby girl's bestie.

Find more dolls when you click here.

For Tweens and Teens

Teenagers are often the hardest to shop for. If you don't want to just give them cash and gift card, try this wide variety of gifts from The Rad Black Kids, SK8 Fanatics, Moonlight Roller fo the extraverts and for the introverts, scrapbook kits from the She’s All That Shop and craft kits from Homemae Luxe. Fashion-foward young adults will love Baxter Wood Chelsea Boots, streetwear from Alife, Dana Scott, or Five Karats, press-on nails from Ethereally Touched Nails, and inspirational eyewear with affirmations from Swav Eyewear.

Gift Wrap and Greeting Cards

Wrapping and ribbons enhance the gift-giving experience. Try these companies for the holidays and special occasions all year round.

Gifts for Boys & Girls

Whether you are looking for books, toys, games, or gear, I found a little something for the kids - naughty and nice! Sweatshirts and tees from Black Upsurge and Fefu Designs are perfect for frolicking around in cold weather. Spunky girls with curls will adore Princess Cupcake toys, clothes, and accessories. Find princess Cupcake books on Amazon. Capes and masks are still available from Darlyng & Co. for all the superheroes and heroines. Football fans will bond over Blitz Champz! Make counting down to Christmas fun with a calendar from Little Likes Kids (check out their jumbo puzzles too). Speaking of puzzles, Puzzle and Bloom has an assortment of challenging games too! Get your confidence-building resources and toys from Our Brown Boy Joy. Protect her crowning glory with a Hairbrella rain cap when she kick... push... coasts on her Proper Gnar board.


This is only the beginning. There are more great gift ideas I have pulled together just in time for the holidays but ideal all year round. Don't forget to sign up for the Daily Black Business Newsletter when you click here so you never have to miss a blog post, interview, or an honest product review. Get Minority Report news and a few coupons delivered directly to your inbox!

*All products featured are independently selected, however, when you buy something through the retail links, an affiliate commission may be earned.

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