7 Reasons Why You Need Printed Marketing Materials for Branding with T-Marie Innovations

Updated: Jun 8

Social media will fool you into thinking you don't need physical marketing materials and I pity the fool.

I went to a conference a few months ago and there were a group of ladies scanning each other's QR codes via LinkedIn. I thought that was pretty cool. But a few weeks later, when I needed a recommendation for some other business services, the person I contacted was the one person who was still handing out old-fashioned business cards. All of the ladies were memorable, but I "connected" with the woman who handed me her business card.

I talked to Trenisha Marie Webster, business coach and CEO of T-Marie Innovations about her coaching services and whether printed materials were still an effective branding tool to make any business stand out and compete with online marketing.

Trenisha has been in business for the last 4 years and explained to me the most important aspect of her job as a coach is assisting her clients to develop a strategy. "We [business coaches] advise other business owners or entrepreneurs on how to keep their company strong. As a consultant, we have to understand the logic, professional ethics (based on their type of business), marketing, and the analytics about ownership," she said.

Any great coach has an extensive professional network from which they pool and pull resources and information beneficial to their clients. Coaches also have a reputation for bringing value to their relationships and establishing trust. Most importantly, they have extensive experience that translates to helping clients remain competitive, problem-solving, communication, and their ability to provide market research. A coach's track record for success is verifiable from testimonials and BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings. Trenisha meets that standard of a great coach.

Here are her 7 Reasons Why You Need Printed Marketing Materials for Branding.

1. Customer Preferences - Digital vs. Print

7 Reasons Why You Need Printed Marketing Materials for Branding with T-Marie Innovations

Not all of your customers are going to want digital communication, digital copies of your material, or advertising. You have to get to know your client to distinguish what they want, like, need, dislike, etc. Most of my clients like the printed copy of the work. They love to display the designs, the art, the look. If you have an office, printed copies of brochures, business cards, advertisements, etc. For me, I will print off my content to present and will have a digital copy on my website and social media.

2. Limitless Branding Options and Opportunities

Branding is about standing out in front of your competition. Part of your brand is your logo. That is the first advertisement that a client will see. Does it acknowledge what your business does? Does it have attractive colors? Is it readable? Your brand also consists of you being consistent with your material and your knowledge of your business. Every year, I strive to upgrade my brand to keep it updated. I remove unnoticeable products, create sessions or classes, videos about my company, and more. The opportunities that come with branding is the way you sell your business on social media. Social media can help with branding. It definitely helps with clientele, advertisements, and becoming noticeable.

3. Raising Awareness

As a business owner, you should never depend on social media or your website to bring attention to your business. People still buy newspapers, still look on engagement boards at their local g