Author Kevin Dorival defines what it means to be a Queen, Book Review

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Question: Are you a queen fit for a king and if so, what kind of queen are you? Author, mentor, and founder of Courage to Believe International, Inc., Kevin Dorival his pinned a book "7 Types of Queens Kings Desire" that identifies specific qualities men need exemplified by women throughout history.

This is the part where I tell you I am not here for men attempting to identify themselves as self-help gurus, specifically targeting women for 2 reasons:

Reason #1 - these men (without naming names) are usually not married, have secret wives and/or have pasts riddled with infidelity. How can a man with no wife try to tell a woman what she needs to be, say, do and think to become one?

Reason #2 - their intentions are simply not pure. They aren't trying to help women. They are simply trying to help themselves. I refer to them as social media psychologists. They haven't taken a women's suffrage course online, let alone acquired any type of training to counsel anyone on any subject. But they hawk their ideas in poorly written books, memes, videos and statement t-shirts until they find their way on to CNN as commentators or wind up hosting TV shows. They become popular whether (or not) they have something paramount to say. How women listen to these clowns is beyond me, but...

I stumbled upon Kevin promoting 7 Types of Queens Kings Desire on Google+ and thought to myself, out of all the books available written by men about women that I would rather burn than read, I would actually give this book a thorough assessment.

7 types of Queens

The author describes 7 Types of Queens Kings as a relationship/self-help book, but I believe it to be more. Kevin Dorival is seeking to mend broken relationship between women and men without bashing men, without asking women to assimilate with the opposite sex, while rarely inserting his own opinion. Instead, he holds up a mirror and challenges women to question whether they possess different qualities of other "Queens" - past and present - and why men NEED these types of women. These women are/were:

  • Spiritual Queens - a man's spirit is nurtured by a praying woman

  • Natural Queens - a man needs a woman who can be confident with/without cosmetics and extensions

  • Cooking Queens - men see women taking the extra time to cook as a sign that we care

  • Warrior Queens - these are the women who remind their men to be fearless in seasons of attack, turbulence, hardship and doubt

  • Wise Queens - a woman with the intellect to interpret when to apply positive energy when her man is vibrating low

  • Sexy Queens - men need to be stimulated: mind, body and soul

  • Serving Queens - men need women who can be cooperative, submissive and respectful

Kevin used Jewish Queen Esther as an example of a Spiritual Queen. Esther prayed and fasted for 3 days before confessing to her husband King of Persia that she was indeed a Jew and begged him to spare her people from being slaughtered. Winnie Mandela is the definition of a Warrior Queen, having been a social worker and activist before she met and later married Nelson Mandela. Princess Diana was known around the world for her hum