Amen Rahh sparks Revolutionary Teaching with Restorative Practices for Students and Teachers

Principal Rahh is known as the Revolutionary Principal. He's also an educator, activist, National Speaker, and the author of The 6 Principles of Unlocking Your School's Hidden Treasures. As a guest on Minority Report featuring Black-Owned Businesses, he shared his mission to transform classrooms, create meaningful connections with students, and revolutionizing teaching.

University Pathways Public Service Academy is the school Principal Rahh founded, located in Los Angeles, California. "The U", as it is affectionately referred to has become a model school, highly regarded across the nation for fostering restorative practices that are culturally responsive to the communities where students live and learn.

He recently hosted the 1st Revolutionary Educator Conference to help created liberated students who have a say in what they are being taught by developing their critical thinking skills to solve problems they face on a daily basis. Principal Rahh explains this teaching philosophy and how it compares to traditional teaching that focuses on preparing students for mandated testing while failing to empower them and give them a voice.

The conference featured presenters and panelists who are experts in various fields including teacher advocacy, instructional programming, racial justice, leadership development, and more. You can catch the Revolutionary Educator Conference replay here:

Principal Rahh's book, The 6 Principles of Unlocking Your Shcool's Hidden Treasures can be found here:

If you missed our interview live on Facebook, press play below.

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