Ayoka Essentials | Vegan, Eco-Friendly Candles Filling Rooms and Expanding Product Line

Certain smells and scents can literally impact my mood. The part of our brain that processes smell just so happens to also stores our memories. The scent of sugar cookies reminds me of my Nannie. Woodsy earthy scents are sensual and remind me of a certain ex. Just like a fond memory can change your mood, an aroma can also change the atmosphere. The scent that lingers in my home is so important to me. More than just a way of eliminating odor, home fragrance is also a means of self-expression. When I have company over, I want them to feel welcome and I do that by making my home fragrance an element of design, like the colors of the art on the walls or the accent rug — I let the essence in the air compliment my personality.

Whether I am having visitors or indulging in some alone time, I reach for the nearest candle, and why not - they smell great, beautify your living space, and aid in relaxation. Epiphanie Yohou owns a great line of home essentials to transform your personal space. Ayoka Essentials, previously known as Ayoka Candles, is a woman-owned, small business home essentials company providing plant-based, vegan, and eco-friendly soy candles and newly introduced reed diffusers, and room/fabric sprays.

Products from Ayoka Essentials are made from proprietary blends of hand-selected essential oils and fragrances producing the most luxurious scents that are intense but not overpowering. When you purchase Ayoka Essentials products, you are enjoying toxin-free and environmentally sustainable products including packaging that is manufactured in a wind-powered facility. No longer just a candle company. Ayoka Essentials now offers reed diffusers and room/fabric/linen sprays available in all 7 signature scents.