Back-to-School Shopping with Black-Owned Businesses

Summer days are nearing their end and soon, school bells will be ringing. Here is your chance to make sure your kid is the hottest in the halls.

I have gathered together a selection of school supplies including custom pencils, notebooks, journals, backpacks, lunch boxes, clothing, shoes, dorm room bedding, and bath and body products every teacher, parent and student will need to have a successful school year.

Discounts are available with select products featured in the Ultimate Black Love Gift Guide, Black-Owned Business Coupon Book. And for your convenience, Minority Report featuring Black-Owned Businesses has also opened an Amazon Affiliate Store, your source for black-owned products sold on Amazon.

Support Black-owned Businesses. Save money. Learn in style.

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1001 Things Everyone Should Know About African American History - Find more at the Minority Report Amazon Store

1001 things everyone should know about african american history.jpg

A Lone Highway - Book 4+ sessions a month, save $10 each session with your discount

A Lone Highway, Black-owned tutoring services

Black Concepts - 15% off stationary products and gifts with your discount

Blaque Concepts, Black-owned stationary

Black Teachers Educate

Black Teachers Educate, Black-owned t-shirts and novelty items for teachers

Black Wall Street The Board Game - Find more at the Minority Report Amazon Store

Black Wall Street Board Game

Books by Mrs.Berry-Pettus are 15% off with your discount

Books by Mrs.Berry-Pettus

Books by Vashiti Harrison - Find more at the Minority Report Amazon Store

Books by Vashti Harrison

Browndages - 30% off with your discount

Browndages, Black-owned bandages

Chic Geeks, stylish MacBook covers

Chic Geeks, Black-owned MacBook covers

Dapper Black Box Subscription Service, 1st Month $20 with your discount

Dapper Black Box, Black-owned Subscription Box Service

Girl Gift Tees - Find more at the Minority Report Amazon Store

Gift Girl Tee, Black-owned gifts and t-shirts

Moe Melanin, Kool Teacher Supply Kit

Moe Melanin, Black-owned school & office supplies

Soapbox Theory classroom art and decor

Soap Box Theory, Black-owned prints, supplies, home decor and more

Urban Intellectuals Black History Flash Cards - Find more at the Minority Report Amazon Store

Urban Intellectuals, Black-owned Black History flashcards

Backpacks and School Supplies for Elementary, Middle School and, High School Scholars

Cocoa Twins

Cocoa Twins, Black-owned digital art, tote bags, journals, notebooks and more

The Black Hijabi

The Black Hijabi, Black-owned school supplies, t-shirts, and more for Muslims

Blended Designs

Blended Designs, Black-owned blackpacks and school supplies


Frobelles, Black-owned backpacks for girls with natural hair from the UK

G & G Paper Co.

G & G Paper Co., Black-owned notebooks, tote bags, and school supplies

Minor Educated

Minor Educated, Black-owned notebooks, penicls, backpacks

Miss Zee

MIss Zee, Black-owned products for girls with natural hair

Princess Cupcake Jones - Find more at the Minority Report Amazon Store

Princess Cupcake Jones, Black-owned children's book series and merchandise

Two and Fro, apparel, shoes, accessories, home decor for teens and tweens

Two and Fro, Black-owned clothes, accessories, home decor and more for tweens and teens

School Clothes to start the year off with these great back-to-school outfits & accessories

Ackee Tree Clothing

Ackee Tree Clothing, Black-owned children's clothing

BB Costura

BB Costura, Black-owned children's apparel

BK Tings

BK Tings, Black-owned children's clothing

Cocopie Clothing

Cocopie Clothing, Black-Owned clothing and accessories for girls

Five Karats

Five Karats, Black-owned luxury clothing brand designed exclusively for children and teenagers

Five Karats, Black-owned luxury clothing brand designed exclusively for children and teenagers

Kings and Gents - 30% off with your discount

Kings and Gents, Black-owned bow ties and accessories for boys made by boys

Made for Monsterz

Made for Monsterz, Black-owned kids clothes

M'simbi Dolls

M'simbi, Black-owned apparel and accessories from Zambia

Mella Stitched

Mella Stitched, Black-owned handmade children's apparel from Canada