Black and Mobile partners with popular Philadelphia bakery, Denise's Delicacies

Philadelphia native, David Cabello started on a path many of us have blazed - going off to college with the intention of developing a skill set he could use in the workforce, expanding his "networks", developing personally, and establishing kinship/friendship with classmates that could result in life long connections.

Black and Mobile, Black-owned food delivery service

Photo Credit: David Cabello, Black and Mobile

Soon and very soon, David began to feel as though he wasn't being challenged to assess the information his courses provided with an analytical approach employers would appreciate. He felt he was being taught to assimilate into a culture that did not embrace his own. And with that feeling, he chucked deuces to Shippensburg University after 3 semesters in search of an alternate path.

Black and Mobile, Black-owned food delivery service

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Tribune

David along with his brother Aaron, created Black and Mobile after working for other established food delivery services. He quickly realized there was a void that needed to be filled, allowing Black-owned restaurants to reap the same benefits as chain restaurants by providing door-to-door service via an online platform.

Many small businesses are not making the profit margins what would enable them to pay the marketing commission fees, delivery commission fees, processing fees , delivery tips and sales taxes PER ORDER that current delivery services charge. This is were Black and Mobile is helping black-owned restaurants reach new and existing customers they would otherwise struggle to capture and retain.

Prior to meeting up with David in Philly, we had a long, passionate yet and humorous discussion on the phone about his life and his passion. I vividly remember him repeating, "I dropped out of college to help Black-owned businesses."

Black and Mobile, Black-owned food delivery service

I stumbled upon Black and Mobile on Instagram shortly after it's launch. I distinctly remember bookmarking this pic. They had roughly 800+ followers but I BE KNOWIN' and I just knew this was a service that was very much needed and this company was going to take off. Thirty-thousand followers and multiple press mentions later, I knew I was right!