Founder of Black-Owned Vitamin D Supplement Brand Caters to Black People Worldwide

Ernesto Sigmon, founder and CEO of Black Edged, LLC, has launched an entirely new approach to the nutritional health supplement and wellness space. With his launch, Black Edged becomes the first of its kind anywhere in the world: a 100% Black owned supplement company that manufactures non-GMO products that are scientifically formulated to meet the health and lifestyle needs of Black people around the world.

Black Edged

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The company’s website at literally welcomes its visitors “to the Edge” and what it expects to be an entirely new and exciting chapter in health and wellness. “It is well known that Black people from all socioeconomic classes suffer disproportionately from major chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, arthritis, asthma and autism,” says Sigmon.

Recognizing the correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and chronic disease in Black people specifically; was the tipping point for Black Edged.

“After educating ourselves on this silent epidemic, we began to scratch our heads and ask why no one in the health and wellness space was doing anything to address this issue head on?” says Sigmon.

Black Edged Vitamin D Supplements

Photo Credit: Black Edged

"We were amazed that no one was making nutritional supplements and wellness products specifically designed to promote the health, wellness and survival needs of Black people…so we’re stepping up. We view intelligent supplementation made specifically for Black people as mission critical. It is a matter of survival. To that end, we are especially proud that our products are fully FDA approved and non-GMO.”

In the coming days, Black Edged will announce the launch of its first product: Black Edged “D”.

Watch their informative YouTube video “What is Black Edged?”:

About Black Edged: Black Edged manufactures products scientifically formulated to meet the health and lifestyle needs of Black people. We create clean and pure nutritional supplements that are as close to nature as possible. Survival is the guiding force of our ethos: we want Black people to survive, live, and ultimately thrive. Most of all, we want Black people to keep their “Edge”.

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Source: Black News

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