Black-Owned Businesses Making Waves in Sustainability

Celebrate 7 black-owned businesses that are making waves in the world of sustainability!


In 2017, Trinity Mouzon — now a successful entrepreneur — began building Golde from scratch with her life partner and co-founder Issey Kobori. Together, they had a vision: to make wellness more approachable, inclusive, and fun.

Today, Golde is making sure everyone is able to look and feel their best. From turmeric lattes to green face masks, Golde has it all. The best part? All of their products are organic, vegan, and cruelty-free!

Enbois Originals

Enbois Originals — pronounced en-bwah — is a sustainable accessories brand that makes the world of tomorrow greener today. With each order, Enbois donates exactly $3.00 USD to its partner charities. Those $3.00 go toward planting trees as well as supporting community education efforts on sustainability and reforestation.

What began as a hobby in the college dorm room of Maxim Thuriere — the founder of Enbois — has flourished into a powerful reforestation effort. In fact, Enbois was even celebrated as 1 of 11 black-owned businesses that are changing the world!


As Nyakio Kamoche Grieco began her entrepreneurial journey, she discovered that nearly every rich culture was represented in skincare... except African culture.

In order to fill this gap in the market, Grieco used ingredients and techniques she’d learned from her Kenyan heritage and world travels. Calling it Nyakio — pronounced neh-KAY-oh — she developed skincare products that represent an abundance of rich and diverse cultures — including that of Kenya.

The Honey Pot

After overcoming her own struggles with feminine wellness, Beatrice Dixon founded The Honey Pot back in 2014. Her goal was to show women everywhere how herbs can keep their “honeypots” happy and healthy.

“We take care of the most important woman of all: Mother Earth” — The Honey Pot With a full line of clinically-tested, 100% natural products, The Honey Pot is the home of happy and healthy feminine wellness. Additionally, all of their products are cruelty-free and completely biodegradable! The Honey Pot is just one of many black-owned businesses that have taken up the fight against climate change.

Zero Grocery

Founder Zuleyka Strasner and her team believe that convenience and environmentalism can co-exist, so they set out to build a company that does just that. Zero is a plastic-free grocery store that delivers your groceries using reusable jars and containers. Over 90% of plastic waste comes from food consumption, and Zero is working change that... one pantry at a time. 

Trade Street Jam Co.

A chef-, woman-, and minority-owned business, Trade Street Jam Co. uses culinary innovation to make cooking fun and easy. Although they’re built on innovation, founder Ashley Rouse makes sure to remember her roots by sourcing produce exclusively from local vendors and farmers. Furthermore, each jar of artisan jam is handmade in small batches without any artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Even without preservatives, though, every jar can stay on your shelf for up to a year — but only if you can resist eating it for that long!


Of course, when talking about sustainable black-owned businesses we can’t forget about ourselves! At Reel, we’re proud promoters of bamboo toilet paper and advocates for human dignity, and it all started with our co-founder — Derin Oyekan.

At a young age, Derin witnessed first-hand some members of the community in his native Nigeria struggle without access to bathrooms. In fact, it’s those life experiences that continue to drive our mission to not only serve the planet but also the wonderful people who live here.

Black-Owned Businesses Making the Planet Greener There are so many sustainable businesses out there it's impossible to recognize them all. However, these 7 businesses are making huge waves in the world sustainable living. In fact, these black-owned businesses are building a cleaner, greener world for future generations to enjoy.

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