Black Woman Creates Products To Stop Shedding and Grow Thinning Hair

Angela Brown, founder of D’Serv Professional Hair Care Products

D’Serv Professional Hair Care Products was manufactured, invented by Angela Brown and launched in 2016. As an African American, she believes that education is key to understanding what makes the hair shed and grow. She has been a salon hair stylist for 38 years, and author of her second self-published book, How to Get the Healthy Back in Your Hair.

Prior before, the healthy hair guru gained her humble beginnings in 2011 in her small salon suite in Memphis, Tennessee. By hiring a local chemist, and educating herself on what product ingredients truly stopped massive shedding they went to work. The chemist explained that it was all up to Angela to study, and research each product that she wanted to use. Determined to achieve her first product goal she was in the chemist kitchen and her first product was born. Mrs. Brown began mixing and bottling her top seller as of today the Damage Reversal Elixir Oil. The first name was simple called the Vitamin E Oil. One of her clients had Cancer, and Angela’s product was a slam dunk, the product grew her hair back in weeks to a few months!

Clients began shipping her own products out to family and friends, and encouraged her to make more products, and to turn it into a business. Angela was used to representing other hair care lines but often the performance never lasted. This healthy hair stylist, author, and motivational speaker needed some motivation herself!