Natural Hair Takeover with Ariane Williams,

It's Time for Black People to Take Back the Black Hair Industry

Like most of us wearing our hair they way God gave it to us, we are searching for the right products to help maintain our crowns. We are experimenting, enduring trial and error, and in many instances seeking professional help. It's that serious. And because it is that serious, Black Hair Care has become a $4.3 billion industry and er'body wants in. Reports are showing more extensions are coming out of China than India. Those billions, according to US BLACK HAIRCARE MARKET REPORT, don't include specialists, stylists, brushes, bonnets, hair clips, and headbands, wraps, wigs or weaves!

There are literally billions of dollars on the line and Black entrepreneurs making butters, oils, cleansers, conditions are seeing pennies on the dollar compared to the "others". In the meantime, the major brands like Revlon, Loréal, and Proctor & Gamble are gathering plenty of data and compiling the “Global Black Haircare Market Size Status and Forecast 2022”.

To assist brands - large and small - to be discovered by those who need their products the most, Ariane Williams created to promote her hair care line and others. Even celebrity brands, like Kimberly Elise Naturals can be found on Ariane's marketplace, lending credibility to her services. Watch our interview above and share with a naturalista. You and all your kinky curl-friends can shop by hair type or hair style! Buying from helps you keep your coils and curls intact while circulating the Black Dollar.

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