Buttas Hair Emporium is Open for Business

Kay Davis just opened Buttas Hair Emporium located at 5505 Reisterstown Rd in Baltimore, Maryland. Open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, this new beauty supply store is B-more's premier natural hair care source that also carries cosmetics and skin care products.

Buttas Hair Emporium

Kay Davis - owner, Buttas Hair Emporium

Buttas Hair Emporium focuses on products for naturalists but their large selection also include bundled hair extensions and full wig units.Buttas Hair Emporium doesn't only provide products; eye lash and brow services are also available.

Buttas Hair Emporium

Opening a black owned business in the beauty industry is no easy task. It surely comes with competition and adversity. Buttas Hair Emporium owner Kay Davis describes the common struggles entrepreneurs face.

"There are certain adversities that I and most black own suppliers face while pursing this type of business. This is primarily due to the fact that black people do not have any control in this industry except total consumer buying power," said Davis. "The structure of the ethnic beauty supply business surprisingly was never created for actual black ownership it was solely intended for us to be consumers. This in turn results to hardships for black entrepreneurs wanting to be in this industry. The Beauty Supply industry is owned by Korean's and that forms a large gap from being a black consumer to a black owner!"

Buttas Hair Emporium

Despite the challenges beauty business owners face, Davis believes there are a lot of advantages to opening a brick and mortar business especially in the beauty industry. The reason you still see so many Asian owned beauty suppliers still flourishing is because nothing beats what Davis state is "the immediate gratification of buying a product, having it right away, and that special bonus of not paying shipping as well."

Buttas Hair Emporium

Buttas Hair Emporium is a physical location with an online presence. Kay Davis is using that online presence, leveraging her brand's exposure and obtaining visibility - fast. "Having a online store and a social media presence is truly a blessing and gives small businesses the edge they need," Davis stated.

Davis wants to do more than have social media followers; she wanted to open Buttas Hair Emporium to provide black-owned natural hair care brands a physical outlet where their products can be sold. This is a win-win for naturals that often order their products online and brands looking for retailers to partner, impacting the black community in general.

Buttas Hair Emporium
Buttas Hair Emporium

In February 2019, Kay Davis will be conducting seminars on how black entrepreneurs can retain start up money for their new business. "My goal is to also show those interested in business that it is possible and it can be done especially in the beauty industry. I'm also on a mission to prove that black people will and can support other black owned business and that our dollars can do more in our community when given the correct opportunity."

Buttas Hair Emporium

Get to know Buttas Hair Emporium owner, Kay Davis:

MRTV: 2019 is just around the corner. What is your New Year's Resolution?

KD: I have too many to list! I have many resolutions but they have started now! I refuse to wait until New Year's. One resolution is to just continue growing as a businesswoman. My goal is to provide the ultimate shopping experience for all people but especially people of color. You can watch Buttas Hair Emporium's growth; you will simply have to stay tuned on our social media platforms! and

MRTV: You're an exceptional business woman. You are showing the world your Black girl magic but do you have any hidden talents?

KD: Most people may not know that I am an extremely good skater!! [On] roller blades, I have very good balance and could be a professional if I focused on it!

MRTV: If there was anyone in history you would like to meet, who would it be?

KD: Okay, if we do dead or alive, I actually have two: I would love to meet Oprah and Bob Marley.

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