How publicists and creatives can prevail through the COVID-19 crisis with Chandra Gore Consulting

Updated: May 11, 2020

Actors, entertainers, and musicians make their money by booking performances in front of live audiences but as you can see, we are all on lock down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Concerts, shows, conferences, festivals, and public speaking events cancelled and/or being rescheduled.

Many are turning to live performances like DJ D-Nice's Club Quarantine and Erykah Badu's Quarantine Concert Series to engage with fans and delivery a unique experience.

What other ways can publicists and their clients remain relevant when in-person events and stage performances are not an option? Chandra Gore has been in the game for over 5 years, serving singers, rappers, comedians, directors, motivational speakers, and authors, providing her clients with much needed exposure that creates results. She shares her incite below.

Chandra Gore, Chandra Gore Consulting

MRTV: How do you see the Coronavirus impacting live entertainment, musicians, comedians, and stage performers?

CG: This pandemic will encourage entertainers to broaden their portfolios and invest in themselves. With the proper team they can roll with whatever happens in the market.

MRTV: What proactive measures are you taking to pitch musicians and comedians while shows and concerts are being cancelled in an effort to enforce social-distancing?

CG: I planned with my clients to always understand that they are business. Shows are only a part of their business.

MRTV: Sooo are telling them to pivot to merch, tees, digital downloands, etc.??

CG: Being able to have them have other streams such as books, merchandise and already recorded materials to promote. I am [also] able to pitch them based on how they are handling the changes in the climate. 

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MRTV: With artists going live on streaming and social media platforms at deeply discounted rates or entertaining for free, how can PR professionals maintain their relevance to their clients?

CG: This has been a huge topic of discussion among my peers. Artists should be strategic in how they navigate social media platforms to create revenue. The free shows and discounted shows are not beneficial to the craft. As a public relations professional I advise clients on how to create a pay for view ticketing system, properly promoting and how to structure their performances to grow and engage with their audiences. I maintain my relevancy by providing those structured plans. 

MRTV: Most people are looking for ways to escape the news and constant COVID-19 updates. How can those in your field pitch entertainers  while still showing empathy for the lives we have lost so far, for the health care professionals, and for the life-sustaining employees still working to provide normalcy for the rest of us? 

CG: When I write pitches I am writing from the standpoint of how my clients can uplift and motivate those who are wanting an escape from the constant barrage of updates and political back and forth. I am encouraging my clients to post positive messages and messages that will be beneficial to their audience. Also to acknowledge those on the front lines of this pandemic and to keep them in mind as well. I am also creating strategies for those clients who do not know how to navigate this crisis how to do so with empathy and care. 

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MRTV: What is the best way to respond to cancellations and clients who are ready to jump ship? 

CG: My response to the cancellations is to check your contract and your business insurance and how cancellations can be covered and to those ready to jump - I will let them jump ship. If you cannot value my services at this time and you feel that you do not want to continue - just pay the early termination fee and we can part ways. 

MRTV: What do you say to those who think streaming will ultimately replace live entertainment? 

CG: To those who think that streaming will replace live entertainment should really understand how this will work. Comics - you need to hear the audience reactions and timing of your jokes to know if they are landing. Having audience reactions will help you hone your skills and understand how to modify your craft and talent. Streaming takes funding and strategically planning how to generate revenue and to appeal to advertisers. I do not think that streaming will replace live entertainment. 


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