Coins for Christmas: TV One and Xfinity Holiday Screening

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the exclusive early screening of TV One’s original movie Coins for Christmas at the Xfinity flagship store in Washington D.C.

The event started with a holiday reception that included hot chocolate with all sorts of the toppings. Guests also received complimentary popcorn and swag bags. Edible selfies are now a “thing” and were provided by Selffee. Selffee is a company you can hire for your next event to take pics and instantly put those images on treats for all of your guests.

Product overviews and store tours were also available from Xfinity ambassadors. Marketing Manager for Xfinity, Tabitha Williams and LaTanya Butler, VP of Marketing and Partnerships with TV One were both available to elaborate on the collab.

I must say, the Xfinity Chinatown flagship store is impressive, designed with the customer in mind. Visitors can experience full demonstrations of Xfinity Internet - xFi, Xfinity TV - X1, Xfinity Mobile, Xfinity Home Security, and Xfinity Voice Home Phone. Xfinity’s latest interactive technology and applications are on full display. The inclusion of the La Colombe Coffee Bar allows for customers to grab a cup of java and enjoy live streaming TV.

Xfinity Flagship Store - Chinatown

The lounge area is mini-movie theater used for in-store promotional events, educational workshops, game nights and more including screenings of original content from TV One.

Coins for Christmas stars Stephen C. Bishop (Being Mary Jane), Essence Atkins (Marlon), Caleb T. Thomas (Black Lightening), Tyla Harris (Claws) and TC Carson (Living Single).

Alec Darby, played by Bishop, is an entitled, self -absorbed former NFL player who is desperately attempting to keep secret the fact that he has gone broke only a year after leaving the league due to an injury. After being told to downsize his living expenses by T.C. Carson’s character Hank, Alec decides to hire unemployed, single-mom, Madison, played by Essence Atkins.

Madison is rubbing her coins together as an Uber driver to pay bills and buy Christmas gifts for her children after the IRS depletes her bank account and has been fired from her job at a struggling black owned bookstore.

Through Madison and Alec, viewers learn a valuable lesson: pride has many faces. Madison masters the art of giving selflessly to everyone but struggles... no, she refuses to receive help in the most generous forms even from her children, Jackie, played by Caleb T. Thomas and Tyla Harris’ character Chloe. Alec, on the other hand, is fully aware he is in a financial crisis but is slow to humble himself long enough to see his poor attitude is why he has few friends and fewer post-NFL job offers.

Coins for Christmas embodies experiences with which TV One’s audience can relate. Who doesn’t know an ex-husband who fails to keep his word, a son feeling the pressure to be the man of the house, or a daughter who takes matters into her own hands?

Friends Laney and Rex, played by supporting cast members Candace B. Harris and Lil JJ respectively, were written in to hold a mirror up to Alec and Madison when reason was being ignored. Family, faith, and finances all play a role in this feel good film. By the end, Madison learns it’s okay to ask for help and accept it; Alec realizes to whom much is given, much is required.

With Coins for Christmas, TV One delivered us all from having to endure the same tired Hallmark movies. I can't wait for the next TV One and Xfinity partnership! If you haven’t, you can watch Coins for Christmas airing now on TV One.

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