Enjoy Candle Season with Ayoka Candles

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

I love long-lasting fragrances for the body and for my home, especially this time of year. As the season changes, the sun goes down sooner making the weather cooler, the more I want to stay within the confines of my home. I want to feel the weight of my favorite comforter, the feel of my fuzziest socks, and scents that make being confined indoors completely comfortable.

We attribute specific aromas to certain seasons or festivities like family get-togethers or the few moments we can enjoy hot chocolate in serene silence while watching the snowflakes dance to the ground from up above. Pumpkin spice reminds us of fall. Vanilla cookies remind me of Christmas. Add a candle to each occasion and retain those scents that arouse our sense of connectedness to changes in the weather, the incumbent holidays, while grateful for it all.

For me (and probably for you too), a scented candle makes the season more merry, makes home a little more comfy, and the cold weather a bit more bearable. Ayoka (a Yoruba word that translates to gratitude) offers a variety of luxurious candles, converting any space into a sanctuary of peace during candle season and all year round.

Ayoka Candles not only illuminate your home and release an inviting aromatheraputic fragrance, but they are also a healthy alternative to wax paraffin candles. Ayoka Candles are made with soybeans, coconut, and natural oils to create a soothing smell. Soy candles tend to grasp natural scents better than paraffin candles. The scent lasts longer because they burn slower and release their natural oils gradually.