Get Healthy Hair and Forever Flawless Skin with Niik Products

I promise you, in your quest to find hair and skincare products that treat your specific needs, there are some great Black-owned brands hiding in plain sight - Niik Products is one such brand.

There are a number of reasons to wear make-up:

  1. To boost self-confidence.

  2. Artistic expression.

  3. Correct skin imperfections.

  4. Enhance already existing beauty.

No matter what your reasons are for wearing make-up, it ultimately gives you extra control over the outer appearance you want to project. I personally want to LOVE what I see in the mirror without any concealer, foundation, contouring - nothing. I want an even skin tone, faded scars, and naturally treated blemishes.

After years of faithfully using Mary Kay skincare and cosmetics as well as being an independent beauty consultant, I began to transition to Black-owned beauty brands that offer natural products. Over the years, it is apparent to me that my melanin reacts the best to VEGAN products.

There are a number of reasons to incorporate the use of vegan products into your lifestyle:

  1. Our bodies can process natural ingredients as they are absorbed into the bloodstream.

  2. You can avoid questionable ingredients, animal byproducts, and synthetic compounds.

  3. You'll reap the health benefits from vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients found in vegan products.

  4. Naturally treat skin ailments like dryness, acne, eczema, and rosacea.

  5. They are environmentally safe.

I added Niik Products to my daily skincare regimen and the results have been blog post worthy! I did not purchase the products - they were sent to me by the owner, Niik Mays. Whether a product is sent to me or I purchase it on my own, my opinions are unbiased, honest, and 100% REAL. Do you see this face!? Baby, I couldn't fake this glow if I tried. I drink water, I mind my business, and I use products like Niik to impede my skins aging process, maintain an even skin tone, and treat imperfections. Bottom line, these are real results.

Niik Products are void of harsh fragrances, preservatives, and colors. Niik apothecary soaps, skin soufflés, massage oils, soaks, lip butters, and hair treatments are safe for all skin types, all genders, all ages. Dried herbs, flowers, and essential oils were the main ingredients found in the products I had the opportunity to use.

Check out my nighttime routine using Niik's Rosemary and Orange Herbal Hair Treatment, Citrus Coconut Skin Soufflé, Pure Moroccan Clay, and the Love Affair Botanic Sack. After you see how I wind down for the night and prepare my hair and skin just before I go to sleep, you will want to purchase your own products! Visit for all of your skincare needs.


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***Disclaimer: This is blog post is the result of paid promotion. Having received payment and product in exchange for my review, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the aforementioned company and/or its affiliates.

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