We Don't Accept Gucci's Apology. We are Not Boycotting. We are Buying Black.

I'm not explaining why this is unacceptable - they already know it isn't.

I'm not shouting out "celebrities" who are calling out luxury brands for lack of conscious. If MLK intergrated us into a burning house, celebrities have fanned the flames with their irresponsible use of their influence.

I'm not going to call out black entrepreneurs who don't support other black entrepreneurs. Our elite, our talented tenth, yellng #SupportBlackBusinesses while wearing Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton & Christian Louboutin red bottoms.

Photo Credit: Gucci

I'm not shunning my people who continue to support luxury brands. Half the people defending Gucci & buying Gucci don't even know the difference between haute couture, bespoke, and ready-to-wear. They are just ignorant so I will follow Nina Simone's footsteps.

Black folks see HIGH PRICE and think it's HIGH END as if there isn't a lot of overpriced BS being sold. Poor stitching & construction, cheap synthetic fabrics... They just buy what is popular and when they can't afford it, they buy knock-off.

Check out these Black Owned Luxury brands below. Each designer's line is constructed by hand with a high level of sewing skill from start to finish, generally one-of-a kind designs, elaborate, ornate and part of "collections" of 30-35 pieces. Others are ready-to-wear - mass produced, yet high quality in terms of fabric choices, construction and details. Even "luxury brands" offer ready-to-wear lines. They are void of exclusivity, generally inspired by the haute couture collections, made en masse but not to be confused with ready-to-wear clothes you find in Old Navy or Target.

Why stop at apparel? Luxury accessories, footwear and fragrances are listed too.

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