Happy Black Love Day: A How-To Guide

Updated: Feb 9

If you have never heard of Black Love Day, then this post is definitely for you! Before I get into the nitty-gritty about this beloved holiday, let's do a reflection on the importance of celebrations and their impact on the descendants of Africans living in America.

Nya Akoma

There is an expressed need for community among those who identify as African-American. Our culture is a culmination of shared experiences specific to the Black existence here in America. Look around: injustices surround us on every side, yet we are divided on many issues that will impact our children and their children and their children. Our COMMON UNITY has become lost. Our village has been fractured into tiny sects. The decision to make personal sacrifices for the greater good of the group is unconscionable to most. Social conditioning has positioned us to be "down for the struggle" until the next distraction which impedes our progress as ONE PEOPLE.

Will we ever agree on everything? I highly doubt it. As we remain on that line of thinking, herein lies the importance of African-American Holidays. It is during these festivals, celebrations, and ceremonies we preserve our history, customs, traditions, and symbols with dignity. How easy is it to forget what was taken from us.

"Nya Akoma" (pronounced N-yah Ah-coma) means get a heart, be patient. The Akoma is an ancient African Symbol, NOT a Valentine.

It is on these historical and contemporary African-American holidays—ranging from slave observances to Kwanzaa, we use 24 hours to acknowledge noteworthy individuals who paved a way for us today and our traditions. On these designated days, we examine historical events, cultural heritage, and religious beliefs ranging from various ideologies and African-based faiths.