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How much money are your about to spend over the next 4 months?




New Year's Eve.

Black Love Day (my personal favorite).

Getting through this holiday season is going to take werk. Decorating the whole house - inside and out... Mailing greeting cards and dinner party invitations.... Taking family portraits... Hosting parties... Going to parties... Your company's annual holiday party.... Traveling to see family... Having family at your place... Gift exchanges... Ringing in the New Year and making New Year resolutions... Then wrap up the season up with the perfect expression of #BlackLove.

If you have not bought anything from a Black Owned Business all year, the holiday season is the right time to #BuyBlack.



*see the Minority Report Directory*


Preparation is key so if you aren't keeping notes on your phone or a tablet, I suggest a journal from Shantel Collins Designs and a calendar from Black 365 Calendar, to get you started. I even know where you can get pens - Crimson Pen Company, unique wood and acrylic writing instruments and hand sculpted refillable pens from Sankofa Arts. Now go ahead and list all the essentials you will need: travel plans, meal prep, guests lists, gift ideas, and clothes everyone will need for all occasions.

While preparing, don’t forget the paper products. As seen on Shark Tank, iCup Plate & Utensils is designed to hold it all in one hand for that family member or friend running on CPT & gotta stand up to eat. Attah Designs has these amazing printed paper plates perfect for Kwanzaa. If you are looking for something a little more elegant, try these ceramic dishes wrapped in a Kenté pattern, trimmed in sophisticated gold foil from Onua Home. Ouna Home is fine dining made by Ghanaian siblings raised in the UK. You are sure to make a lasting impression with any of these serving options.

Cups, napkins, plates, paper towels are not the only paper products you will need. Grab your greeting cards and diner party invitations from Tiffany McGraw, Greet Street, the trap version of Hallmark, or Art and Ambition.

Home decor is going to set the mood. Purchase your Christmas tree ornaments, Kwanzaa essentials, and New Year’s Eve decorations from Paper Kutz, Shop Kente, and Sweet Potato Paper.

Clean linens for the spare room are necessary if you are having guests coming in from out of town. You can find what you need from Bespoke Binny, homeware and lifestyle products rooted in the beauty of African expression; Souk and Soul, authentic handmade Moroccan textiles and accessories; and Anoelle Jay, custom art for home or office.

If you are not hosting, don’t fret about traveling. The Panhandler Bag is your insulated carrier that allows you to load your hot dish from the back side instead of the top. No fuss and no mess. If you are going away by plane, get there in style with luggage and carry-on bags from anyone of these businesses: Zeena Kay Designs, Framed Leather, and Makeba Design & Prints.

My international travelers can visit Passports and Purpose for your flight needs to collect stamps. Don’t forget your Journey Pillow giving you neck support, allowing you to fly comfortably. For my serious trekkers need something durable with multiple compartments; The BlackPackers is just what you need.

Here are a few things to keep the kids busy while you plan. It’s easy to give them a cell phone and send them away but you have more entertainment options. A good ol’ fashion board game should be able to do the trick. Give them Risky Arcade and let them battle against each for tickets in a race to the arcade gift shop! When the game is done, something educational won’t hurt them. Check out the DVD’s from Gifted and Lit, an animated series that uses hip-hop to teach kids math, science and more. Don’t worry, you can rent and stream Gifted and Lit if you have not seen a DVD player since 2002.

While the children are entertaining themselves, you can gift wrap a few presents with paper from Melanin Moments, Life’s Paper and Green Top Gifts.

Need Gift Ideas? Darlyng & Co., The Eco Baby Co., and Mama Toto Wraps provide anything and everything you need for newborns and infants. Little girls will love a Healthy Roots Doll. Each doll includes a story book to empower, educate, and inspire self-love. Fantasy retelling of ancient Egyptian myths found in the Seven Kingdoms comic book series from Black Sands Entertainment are great gifts for boys.

Tweens and teens can be fly in new clothes and shoes from Negash (use my affiliate link for Negash purchases), PRSVR, and Five Karats.

Adults like gifts too. Lorraine West offers luxury fine jewelry that will make her smile. Moijey Diamonds has rings, bracelets, cuff links and custom pieces for him. New jewelry will compliment that designer dress from Kaela Kay and that tailored suit from Eaden Myles while you watch the ball drop to celebrate the new year.

We close out the holiday season with Black Love Day on February 13th. By now, you may have broken the bank and need some relief. Check out the Ultimate Black Love Gift Guide Black Owned Business Coupon Book! To celebrate Black Love Day, a new coupon book is released every Black Love Day and each coupon is valid for one year. The current edition does not expire until February 12, 2019 is still available with 70 discounts from various participating businesses.

The Ultimate Black Love Gift Guide

This post is a short list of Black Owned Businesses to get you through the holidays. For a longer list of over 350 black owned businesses including skin care, hair care, accessories for men and women, adult games, shoes, health and wellness, subscription boxes, and more, visit the Minority Report Directory. This directory is your source of businesses offering products that will meet your family’s needs. Visit the directory often for updates as I continue to add more business listings form the US, Canada, the UK, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia, and anywhere I find Black folks selling stuff.


Happy Holidays! Drop me a line if you find this post helpful.

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