I Tried 4 BLACK-OWNED CBD BRANDS, here's my review

I recently started my CBD journey to address my hormones and my emotional well-being. After consulting my doctor and not getting adequate treatment, I needed to find an alternate solution and I needed to find something quick. I was a wreck and I could find no relief in sight. I would say I was a hot mess, but that is an understatement.

As life (and Google spying on me) would have it, the moment I started looking into a holistic approach to address the pain in my body and the stress I was under, advertisements for CBD brands would began to appear - everywhere. I had starting to bookmark black-owned CBD brands I came across on Instagram. I had also wrote blog posts about a CBD brand and a CBD start-up academy. My interest had been peaked.

After 8 or 9 months of trying to manage aches and feeling overwhelmed, I took the leap. Here is my review of the four Black-Owned CBD Brands I have started using.

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