iBUYBLACK Black Business Bus Tour RECAP

Did you know I love Black Owned Businesses? Of course you do and you also know that I love all things African-American, BLACK, from the diaspora and any other reference to decedents of slaves. That would include African-American holidays and celebrations that honor our history.

July 4th is simply a paid day off of work for me, nothing worth celebrating when you consider Black people were not free when the Declaration of Independence was signed on this day in 1776. Fast forward to June 19, 1865, when the Union Army arrived in Galveston, Texas and ordered that slavery had indeed ended. That was the beginning of pseudo-independence for Africans in America and the holiday we now know as Juneteenth.

Doing a simple search for Juneteenth events on Facebook, I discovered The Philadelphia Community of Leaders Cultural Committee was hosting a week of events to celebrate Juneteenth. They were getting the party started with the iBuyBlack Bus Tour. When I found an event that combined celebrating Juneteenth and supporting Black Owned Businesses, I couldn't wait to attend with my favorite road crew, cousin ReRe and my son, Jalen.

A broad coalition of Philadelphia leaders united and developed the iBuyBlack Discount Card. For $10.00, cardholders receive discounts from participating businesses and in exchange, business owners acquire new customers, a network of support from community leaders and fellow entrepreneurs as well as free promotion. The iBuyBlack Bus Tour took us to visit a few of the businesses that accept the iBuyBlack discount card. Each stop of the tour is below! Don't forget to check out the video recap that accompanies this blog post as well.

1st Stop: Breakfast Boutique