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Do you fully understand the impact you are making when you support a small business? When you "buy black", you are a consumer AND an investor. Using your spending power enables black entrepreneurs to improve, going from good to great as well as expand the products and services they offer. With that growth, "solopreneurs", mom & pop shops, and side hustlers become employers with the potential to hire from within the Black community. Employment decreases crime. Decreases in crime leads to increased property values. As more people become gainfully employed or start businesses themselves, they have disposable income to buy more products and a taxable income. Taxes fund public schools, police departments, and social service agencies, among other things enabling black families to go from surviving to thriving.

Supporting Black Owned businesses is an act of BLACK LOVE in action 365 days a year. Showing BLACK LOVE by supporting Black Owned Businesses is a ripple effect that can produce the results we need to repair what years of oppression has done to us and to replace reparations we are never going to receive.

Not sure what businesses to support? No worries; Minority Report is the PLUG! Scroll down for the best Black Owned Business deals. Download your copy of the Ultimate Black Love Gift Guide for $3.99 before these coupons expire on February 12, 2019.

Influences of Zion

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