Meet Kandaka Safia, Luxury Skincare made from Ancient Sudanese Beauty Secrets

Kandaka Safia is a clean beauty line of products created for Queens from ingredients that are certified organic and ethically sourced from Sudan to illuminate, hydrate, repair, and brighten skin.

Sudanese women worldwide rely on traditional treatments passed down over generations for opulent skin and improved health. Daughters of Sudan are familiar with the dukhan and dilka beautification rituals. Brides customarily prepare for their wedding day weeks in advance by literally bathing in smoke allowing them to be identifiable to their grooms by their rich fragrance.

Photo Credit: Between Smoke and Fire, Gabriela Vivacqua

The dukhan smoke bath is a slow process where a woman covers her body with rich aromatic oils, allowing the soot from the burning perfumed acacia wood and sandalwood to form a thick layer on her skin. On the 40th day, the thick sooty layer is then peeled off revealing glowing skin underneath. Wood from the dukhan along with wheat powder is then used to make the dilka, a Sudanese body scrub. Wrapped in cloth and baked over a few days, the dilka is mixed with orange rinds, tumeric, hilba herb, potatoes, and carrots. Dilka not only cleanses, but also removes dry skin.

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If you don't have access, time, or the opportunity to experience the Sudanese dukhan and dilka, lavish in the luxurious Kandaka Safia skincare line of cleansers, oils, body butters, scrubs, and masks.

Kandaka Safia translates to Pure Queen, and after trying the Lemon Exfoliating Soap Face and Body Bar, the Jasmine Body Butter, and the Honey Lakhokha, my skin felt like it had just received the royal treatment.

Paired with the handmade complimentary loofah soap pouch, the Lemon Exfoliating Soap for face and body creates a gentle lather that removes make-up and other impurities and left my skin clean, soft, and smooth. The soap bar leaves skin lightly fragrant with a citrus lemon scent.