"Modern, Versatile, Innovative": Fatim Sylla, Sirani's Fashion sells glamour in anakra

Sirani's Fashion

Fatim Sylla was always in love with fashion. Growing up in Paris within a large West African community, neighbors, family, and friends were always in need of traditional clothing designs for the next baptism or wedding.

Now living in Toronto, Canada, Fatim has built her fashion line of apparel and accessories on the foundation of her Ivory Coast roots.

Sirani's Fashion

"It is a very dynamic industry here. We have some of the best African designers here. I grew up in Paris. It is very different there because it relates to French speaking African countries," she stated. "The Fashion is different, more conservative and the fabrics can be different. The African fashion scene is huge in Paris."

Despite having a Masters of International Marketing and being a digital media director at an advertising agency, Fatim saw the emergence of African culture making its rounds globally. She decide she wanted to embrace her love for couture fashion and contribute to the fashion industry.

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With everyone from celebrities and influencers to around the way girls championing for African designers, colorful African wax print fabrics are one of the hottest global trends in fashion right now and Sirani's Fashion is among them.

Fatim mentioned Lilli's Creations, Elie Kouame, and Nanawax are brands she is inspired by but declares her designs are available to meet the growing trend's high demand alongside her competitors.

Sirani's Fashion