More Black Owned Luxury Brands

These adjectives describing EVERYTHING Black and Brown people ARE, need to be repeated over and over and over AGAIN because as a people, we are forgiving and forgetful. We forget who and what we are in respect to our contribution to society. We will be outraged at brands like Gucci, Prada, Montcler, Burberry, Zara, H&M, Katy Perry and other for their lack of consciousness and regard for the racial indignity that has been enacted towards us; our pain is their profit. As enough time passes, we return to our prior shopping habits as if we have short term memory loss and all is forgiven.
We can't collectively continue to operate in this manner.
My momma taught me that people only treat you the way you let them. The only way they will ever appreciate our value is when they recognize the absence of our spending power. This is not the time to boycott; it's time to support our own - the largest group of people on this planet who wield the MOST influence on sports, art, entertainment, social justice, fashion, and whose ancestors contributed to the wealth of many nations...
I felt we needed to revisit the topic of Black Owned Luxury Brands. I listed 59 in the original post. Here are 66 more - apparel, shoes, fine jewelry, handbags, fragrance haute couture, bespoke, custom-made and high-end ready to wear brands from around the world that are Black Owned.