Nagast Footwear Celebrates Selling 50,000 Pairs of Shoes With Newly Released Designs

Tarik Edmonson, founder and CEO of Nagast Footwear

It is time to invest in some new Black-owned footwear to show off, and Atlanta-based Nagast Footwear has just released two of their newest African inspired sneakers. “The U.N.I.T.Y.’s” and “The Black Powers” are products that are not only new and innovative, but that also carry a strong message of love and self-respect.

Nagast Footwear, founded by entrepreneur Tarik Edmonson, is a well-respected and renowned company known around the world for their footwear design and production. They have been designing and producing high quality and unique footwear since the year 2013 – making them true professionals in their field of work.

Nagast Footwear

Photo Credit: Nagast Footwear

Their newest products are designed to empower customers with the purpose of teaching self-love, self-respect, and self-confidence. The shoes are made with the very latest of cutting edge technology using fly knit light material that is efficient and practical, while not compromising on a stylish and modern look for the younger generation.

Photo Credit: Nagast Footwear

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SOURCE: Black News

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