Natural Rizado or Bentonite Clay | Which Mask is Better for Thin, Fine, 4C Hair?

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

My least favorite thing to do is get my hair done or doing my hair. Costly products and hours in the salon are complete turn offs. When styling my hair, I am doing the bare minimum and now that I am staying home more to avoid COVID-19, I am totally ignoring my haircare needs. Given I have LOW-POROSITY, THIN, FINE 4C HAIR, not maintaining its health is a horrible idea!

I was introduced to Natural Rizado as a participating business in the Ultimate Black Love Gift Guide, Black Owned Business Coupon Book. Josephia Rizado is the creator of Natural Riazdo and she sent me her Crème Brulée, a light-weight, moisturizing, detangling hair mask specially formulated for LOW-POROSITY, THIN, FINE 4C HAIR like mine!

For years, I have been using bentonite clay on a bi-weekly (or when I remembered I was long overdue) basis. Since I was between protective styles and in need of a deep-conditioning, I decided to try the Natural Rizado Crème Brulée and test it against bentonite clay. I was amazed by the results were!

Natural Rizado Crème Brulée did not weigh my hair down while it deeply penetrated my hair shaft, which usually repels moisture. The slippage made my dry hair fill like silk while I was able to detangle with my fingers. I could instantly tell the difference in how my felt felt to the touch when I rinsed the product from my hair. Both products where able to enhance my curl pattern but the biggest difference was moisture. The Natural Rizado Crème Brulée definitely added much needed moisture to my hair where as the bentoninte clay left my hair totally stripped of moisture.

See my youtube video below for a full comparison of each product and results.


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