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Niik Products founder and CEO, Niik Mays via Linkedin

Everything isn't for everyone, especially when you suffer from sensitive skin. For someone with dry, flaky, or easily irritated skin, trying the latest trending products can distress skin even further. Trial and error to hydrate and treat skin ailments can further damage skin, leaving you with few treatment options.

Niik Mays was a teenager with sensitive skin when she began creating natural products for herself. "In my experience, herbal remedies work better for the skin. Even with the hair, it works better. The key is to ingest the herbs and use the oils from the plants onto your skin. It connects us to the Earth too!", she explained. As a self-made entrepreneur and herbalist, Niik joined the beauty industry over 10 years ago, formulating products for her Niik Products line and others.

The Cacao Shea Skin Souffle has inspired many product lines alone.

"I was inspired to create the Niik Product line due to the need for clean beauty products in the world. As a matter of fact, the Cacao Shea Skin Souffle is an enhanced version of what I created as a teenager," she continued.

Niik says she cannot live without herbs. They are an integral part of her daily life. "I use it to steam my face, I take a bath with it, I drink it, and I eat it."

She is currently researching areas where non-toxic products are non-existent. Her best selling products are the Cacao Shea Skin Souffle formulated for dry skin and her African Black soap. The Citrus Coconut Skin Souffle designed to treat oily skin, multi-use Love Affair oil, and smudge sticks are becoming popular as well.

Niik also has advice for anyone looking to switch to plant-based skincare. "The first product I would recommend they swap out is their cleanser with the African black soap on our product line. It is the most natural soap and ours is authentic," she explained. "I would also recommend that they swap out their facial mask for the pure clay available on our website. It's better for sensitive skin because it's only one ingredient which is the purest form." Niik also recommended anyone with sensitive skin exchange their toner for regular witch hazel.

She also recommends changing your chemical-laden hair care products to plant-based products to maintain healthy skin. Niik explained, "Hair products can drip onto our forehead and if they are toxic they can cause problems on our skin. The Rosemary & Orange 4-in-1 is 100% vegan, natural, and organic just like every single product found at"

DIY is also an option for you to treat your sensitive skin. To assist you is personalizing your skincare treatment, Niik has created Beauty Chemistry Classes. Her 6-Week Beauty Chemistry Web Courses provide you with a do-it-yourself kit and live instruction via Zoom.

"I always feel beautiful, " says Niik. She enjoys reaping the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and skincare regimen. Our bodies automatically process natural ingredients and immediately begin to absorb the healing abilities the herbs and botanicals provide.

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