Organize Your Cosmetics with the Buzy Beez Blingz 'N Thingz Bamboo Make-Up Organizer

My purse is a bottomless pit of hand sanitizer, lip gloss, loose change, lotion, pens that don't work, earrings, old receipts, and more lip gloss. Even with inside pockets, I can't seem to find what I need when I need it so receiving a make-up organizer to review is a lifesaver.

This stylish organizer from Buzy Beez Blingz N' Thingz is made of bamboo and elastic bands. Simply slide your favorite lip colors, wands, pencils, liners, or brushes into the elastic bands to hold them in place. The more cosmetics and/or accessories you place inside the organizer, the more taught each band becomes. To close, fold or roll the organizer, then tie with the ribbon.

The best products and services fill a need or solve a problem. With your bamboo make-up organizer from Buzy Beez Blingz 'N Thingz you can keep all of your favorite cosmetic essentials in one place and you no longer have to dig around in your bag in search of your products! Made of bamboo, one of the strongest, durable, and versatile raw products, this organizer makes for a great cosmetics carrier keeping products safe, secure, and easy to find! Organization problem solved.

For a complete demonstration, watch my YouTube video below!

I got my bamboo organizer and you can get yours at! Visit for 10% off Buzy Beez Blingz 'N Thingz Products and more!


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